What Country Produces The Most Grapes in the World

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Grape is tasty and famous fruit in the world which can be eaten in raw form , it  is sour in taste.following commodities are made of grapes:

  • Wine
  • Jam
  • Jelly
  • Vinegar
  • Raisins
  • Juice  etc

A large amount of wine is produced through grapes. It is grown into the several countries. the list of top ten countries which have large amount of grapes is given below

Top 10 Largest Grape Producing Countries


Rank Country Production 2010 (Tonnes) Percentage of World’s
production (2010)
1. China 8,651,831 12.67%
2. Italy 7,787,800 11.40%
3. United States 6,220,360 9.11%
4. Spain 6,107,200 8.94%
5. France 5,848,960 8.56%
6. Turkey 4,255,000 6.23%
7. Chile 2,755,700 4.03%
8. Argentina 2,616,610 3.83%
9. India 2,263,100 3.31%
10. Iran 2,255,670 3.30%


It is a fruit having more than 1 color and today China is the leading grape producing country in all over the world

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