What Country Produces the most Apricots



In the very beginning, Apricot was known and grown in America and there it was cultivated as a major fruit. but now it is harvested in most countries in the world. Vitamins A,C and Iron are it’s major ingredients.In several countries¬† its productivity rate is different and in 2009 a ranking list of top 10 nations was prepared which is as follows :

Top 10 Producers of Apricot in the World

Rank Country Output Per 1000 Tonnes
1. Turkey 695
2. Iran 398
3. Uzbekistan 290
4. Italy 234
5. Algeria 203
6. Pakistan 194
7. France 190
8. Morocco 123
9. Ukraine 116
10. Japan 115


Question: What Country Produces the most Apricots


Turkey is the leading yielding nation in all over the world.

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