Top Ten Strawberry Producing Countries in the world



Strawberries are the very popular and much liked small fruit grown in the small home garden.It can be grown in all the temperate regions of the world. Almost it is easy to grow even into a small space and also can fill a large garden. Growing strawberries doesn’t require any particular tools and easy can be grown where we want in a home. With a small efforts on the initial planting of strawberries, you can get rewards for your labor. With proper care a reasonable amount of this fruit can be obtained. Approximately 25 plants can provide a sufficient supply to a normal family.

List of Top 10 Countries By Strawberry Production

Rank Country Percent of World’s Overall Production
1.   United States 27%
2.   Spain  9%
3.   Japan  7%
4.   Korea 7%
5.   Mexico  5%
6.   Italy  5%
7.   Russia  5%
8.   Turkey  5%
9.   Poland  4%
10.   Germany  3%


Q : Which is the largest producer of strawberries in all over the world


Strawberries are much popular as well as a rewarding fruit cultivated in the domestic environment. Late summer and spring are very suitable seasons to plant it. It is cultivated more than 73 countries but the above mentioned list contains the largest producers of strawberry. UNITED STATES is the largest strawberry producer in all over the world and almost it produces 27% of the world’s total output.


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