Top Ten Religions in the World

When we are talking about religions then a wave of thoughts like beliefs, view about the whole world in humanity, system of the followed religion culture and spirituality comes in our mind. In accordance with the Guinness Book of World Records, Islam is the world’s fastest-growing religion by number of conversions every year so far.

Following is the list of most practiced religions in the world, probably Top Ten Religions in the World (with most population):

1. Christianity

Christianity with the most population

FOUNDED : Christianity began about 2000 years ago in what is now Israel.

FOUNDER :: Jesus of Nazareth, or Jesus Christ, “the Anointed One”, “The Messiah”.

WRITING HOME: The Bible – Old and New Testaments. Adherents :: is estimated at about 2 billion.

CULTS: Christianity is divided into three main sects: Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox and Protestant. Among Protestants there are over 20,000 denominations.

Currently Christianity is at the top practiced  religion in the world



FOUNDED: Islam began about 1400 years ago in what is now Saudi Arabia.

Started by: THE Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

KEY SCRIPTURE: THE QURAAN, the revealed scripture of Islam, and the Hadith, the teachings, sayings and life of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

Adherents: One billion, mostly in the Middle East, Indonesia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Africa, China and Eastern Europe. According to Guiness



FOUNDED: Hinduism, the world’s oldest religion, has no beginning – predates written history.

FOUNDER: Hinduism has no single founder.

MAJOR SCRIPTURES: The Gita, Vedas, the Agamas and more.

Adherents: Almost one billion, mostly in India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal, Malaysia, Indonesia, Indian Ocean, Africa, Europe and North and South.

CULTS: There are four major denominations: Saivism, Saktism, Vaishnavism and Smartism.




FOUNDED: Buddhism began about 2500 years ago in India.

FOUNDER: Gautama Siddhartha, the Buddha, or “Enlightened One.”

Major Scriptures: The Tripitaka, Anguttara-Nikaya, Fhammapada, Sutta-Nipata, Samyutta-Nikaya and many others.

Adherents: More than 300 million.

Cults: Buddhism today is divided into three main sects: Theravada, or Hinayana (Sri Lanka, Thailand, Burma, Cambodia), Mahayana (China, Japan, Vietnam, Korea), and Vajrayana (Tibet, Mongolia and Japan).



FOUNDED: Taoism began about 2500 years ago in China.

FOUNDER: Lao-Tzu, whom Confucius described as a dragon riding the wind and clouds.

KEY SCRIPTURE: The Tao-te-Ching, or “Book of Reason and Virtue”, is among the shortest of all scriptures, containing only 5000 words. Also important are the sacred writings of Chiang-tsu.

Adherents: Estimated at 50 million, mostly in China and elsewhere in Asia.

CULTS: Taoism is a highly mystical tradition, so there have been various interpretations and sects are many.



FOUNDED: Confucianism began about 2500 years ago in China.

FOUNDER: The Supreme Sage K’ung-fu-tsu (Confucius) and Second Sage Meng-tsu (Mencius).

KEY SCRIPTURE: The Philosophical Reviews, Doctrine of the Mean, Great Learning and Mencius book.

Adherents: Approximately 350 million, mostly in China, Japan, Burma and Thailand.

CULTS: There are no formal sects Confucianism. The followers are free to profess other religions and still be Confucianists.

7. Jainism


FOUNDED: THE Jainism began about 2500 years ago in India.

FOUNDER: Nataputra Vardhamana, known as Mahavira “Great Hero”.

Pricipales Scriptures: The Jain Agamas and Siddhantas.

ADHARENTES: About 600 million, almost exclusively in Central and South India, especially in Mumbai.

CULTS: There are two sects. The sect Digambara (“sky clad”) argues that a saint should own nothing, not even clothes, hence the practice of wearing only a loincloth. They believe that salvation in this birth is not possible for women. The sect Svetambara (“white robes”) disagree on that point.



FOUNDED: Shintoism in Japan began around 2500-3000 years ago.

FOUNDER :: Each of the thirteen ancient sects has its own founder.

KEY SCRIPTURE: Kojiki (Record of Ancient Things), Nikongi (Chronicles of Japan), a later work, Yangishiki (Institutes Yengi period), and the Collection of 10,000 Leaves are the main works, but are not considered revealed scripture.

Adherents: About 30 million, mostly in Japan. Most are also Buddhists.

9. Judaism


FOUNDED: Judaism began about 3700 years ago in the Near East, mainly Canaan (now Israel) and Egypt.

FOUNDERS: Abraham, who began the lineage, and Moses, who emancipated the enslaved Jewish tribes from Egypt.

HOME WRITING: The Torah (the Old Testament and the Talmud).

Adherents: About 12 million worldwide, more than half in the United States.

CULTS :: The Jews are divided into sects: Orthodox, Conservative and Reform, with other regional and ethnic divisions.

10. Sikhism


FOUNDED: THE Sikhism began about 500 years ago in North India, today the nation of Pakistan.

FOUNDER: Guru Nanak.

KEY SCRIPTURE: The Adi Granth, revered as the present guru of belief.

Adherents: Estimated as nine million, primarily in the state of Punjab in India.

CULTS: Khalsa Besides, there are Ram Raiyas in Uttar Pradesh and two groups with gurus in life – the Mandharis and Nirankaris.

11. Zoroastrianism


FOUNDED: Zoroastrianism began 2600 years ago in ancient Iran.

FOUNDER: Spenta Zarathustra (Zoroaster).

KEY SCRIPTURE: Lots of Zend-Avesta (Persian).

Adherents: 125,000, mostly near Mumbai, where they are called Parsis.

Cults: Cults today are three: Shagenshai, Kadmi and Fassali.

These were the most preached and practiced  Top Ten Religions in the World. Below is table showing population and percentage of each religion.

Top Ten Religion in the World By Population

Religion Members Percentage
Christianity 2.1 billion 33.0%
Islam 1.5 billion 21
Hinduism 900 million 14
Buddhism 376 million 6
Sikhism 23 million 0.36
Judaism 14 million 0.22
Bahaism 7 million 0.1
Confucianism 6.3 million 0.1
Jainism 4.2 million 0.1
Shintoism 4 million 0.0

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  • Renad

    the best religion in the world is Islam

    • Mishael Yabes

      How about christian, buddhist, hindus??? not best, ???

      • vipin

        every religion is to be respected as it is an individuals way he understands god in his sense. wen we respect other religion we r respecting the personal freedom and sentiments of our brothers. So it is of utmost pertinence that we have an open mind in accepting and respecting other religions and at the same time ardently follow our own in its true essence. So my muslim brothers respect other religions because to others their religion is the best in the world. U can never convert all this people in this lifetime so instead of making them ur enemies lets exist as brothers and be there for each other and love each other!!!

        • JudgeJuryExecutioner

          In Sikhism , everyone is welcome inside the Gurdwaramehdianasahib. Everyone regardless of background, gender, etc. is able to enjoy a complimentary meal. What better way is there to break bread with a stranger. Sikhs have been taught to respect all and recognize other religions as they will lead to God as well. There’s no such thing as a right religion or wrong religion as long as it’s a humanitarian religion without discrimination.

      • Haleema Saadia

        opinions everyone says their religion is the best

    • Haleema Saadia


  • Wao that’s amazing that some of the religions have very unique values and many of them are centuries old

    • anilla


  • Saeed

    Islam is the worlds most peaceful and loving religion and hundreds or even thousands of people are converting each day!

    • Mishael Yabes

      you, just affraid, Saeed…., see the fact don’t turn the truth, cause the truth id never wrong, Islam peace????

      • salman

        Islam is about peace and respecting other religions but you guys sabotaged our picture to the people and maybe there used to be terrorism but that was long ago and by people who didn’t follow the religion 100% and thought it was wrong to stay peaceful

        • Mark john


          • salim

            All christian does this ,got it.. he doesnt…don’t say anything if udont know anything…go and read the reality….your ishu is our isha al e islam he came to earth just to give a msg of islam n u guys as usual mad people took him in a wrong way…i think u need a doctor you r mad n i dont think so u r a human being …we respect all religion because our islam says that.. we love our prophet a lot n will never ever tolerate your bullshit comment ….we never force any one to convert there religion but u people r doing this by launching the scheme ….convert to christianity you will get 2 lacs 5 lacs ting ting ti tiding…WHAT BULLSHIT IS THIS …. if your religious is not convincing that is the you guys r launching schemes , adds, promotion as like u r selling your product…please be human n respect all religion

          • Nivas Deen

            Sunni da ongomma thevdiya avsari ne or paradesi on goppan or thayali

          • ibrahim

            You stupid bitch you know nothing don’t speak Islam is a religion of peace and justice but there are some Muslims do not obey these rules and how dare you say that about prophet Mohamed you are just joking around MotherFucker shut up you your mom is a hore fuck u till death an absolute jerk. i am going to let you sit on a screwdriver so every time you sit down you remember me asshole

    • Souvik

      Most terrorist in the world are muslims.

      • Nivas Deen

        Athukku on sootha konjam mooduriya natuthu. …..?

      • anilla

        I agree on this point, but sadly as the world and tecnology is advancing, everyting is changing. People who call themselves muslims or christains are truly not muslims or christains, this is because if they were muslims they would have refraimed themselves from doing wrong and evil, since both islam and christianity forbid such activities. No one is pure anymore, they are just self proclaimed muslims and christains, they only turn towords god either when they are in trouble or if they want something for there own selfish reasons. So in the end both muslims and christains are just ruinnig the reputation of their own religion through their corrupted habits and deeds.

        • ibrahim

          FUCK OFF!

    • JudgeJuryExecutioner

      Lmao, you just keep believing that fool!???

  • Chris

    Just wondering why you left out Mormonism? They claim over 17 million people.

    • Ben Bout

      they’re christians. If you separate them, you’ll also have to lower the number for christianity and call it non-mormon christianity.

  • balraj singh

    All religions are same and humans are equal, pray to god and keep faith, make earth planet heaven and beautiful. Help poor and feed hungry good and do best for each others that our true religion on earth.


      Dear sir, U r correct. But every one depends or obey to someone, tats GOD. And also, v don’t need to obey any stone. Those are all made by a man. Islam is not a new religion in this world. Its started from Adam(world first person). Isa(pbuh) is they are worship as god Jesus . But truth is he is also a messanger of Allah (the one god). Hinduism is old stories written by some writer. NW they are all follow as religion. Its followed only by India & neighboring country. Not in whole world. Try to understand. Islam is world fastest growing religion in the world.if u follow this, not only by u &also everyone shall follow to help poor. If u want to know abt Islam , ask ur Islamic friends. Thank u sir.

      • balraj singh

        I m a u must read sikhism and islam tells u how cruel u Muslims are at that time .I know about islam.islam is very good religion but muslims are not following it.they are bypassing it .Also numbers have nothing to do with religion, lot of animals in jungle but king lion is only one.please keep ur faith and religion for you and follow it correctly. Keep ur dirty mind invitation for ur dirty muslims. Tell them follow it correctly and make women equal laws.thanx much

        • balraj singh

          Also I have around 10 islamic friends and they are tired of cruelty too.also tell ur muslim brothers to be honest .

          • Saayella Hassanwalia

            I think u r 100% correct. I am also sikh. British also wrote that sikh have the best fighting style in the history. Our religion has did great sacrificis. I am not at all saying that other religions are down or something like that. I believe God is one according to Guru Granth sahib.

        • habban

          just read the quran and u follow it dont care about the others

      • balraj singh

        Let the hindus do what they believe praying to stones or wtever , gita , regvida,,,,, u muslims just learn to be honest to ur islam religion…ur religion change from one country to another .no values for women or girls.even ur holy koraan is not written by prophet muhammad. ur own history and respect all religions. Learn how to be a good human and love others.islam is good but u muslims not follow it 100 % .give respect to womens especially.

        • khurram shahzad

          “.no values for women or girls.even ur holy koraan is not written by prophet muhammad.”
          Who said this “no values for women or girls” On judgment Day,First question from Muslim would not be prayer or fasting, first question would be how you treat your wife?, Your relationship with your wife.

          And we believe on Allah( the God) so Koran is divine book, not written by any mankind and yes not even by prophet Muhammad.

          Thanks for reading.

          • gaida

            What a beautiful speech brother. May allah reward you for you knowledge . Alhamdulilah for islam….

          • Mark john


          • salim

            Shut up ur bloody mouth

          • Nivas Deen

            Vaada yen sunni mavana oppen sunniya pudichi umbu da thevdiya paiya pe punda

          • JudgeJuryExecutioner

            Most religions are??

          • habban

            not at all

          • salim

            Thanks for sharing this…

        • Shaani Ali

          \Let the hindus do what they believe praying to stones or wtever , gita , regvida,,,,, u muslims just learn to be honest to ur islam religion.\

          Better you first learn the above by yourself then to suggest others to ponder upon as you’re here pointing your finger at Muslims.

          The nature of this world has been made such a way that if you found a human injured your heart will ache and the same we Muslim feel about the humanity. I know by words it’s sometime not possible to believe in someone’s religion but the scriptures that GOD has revealed upon the face of this earth can soften a man heart!

          So we try to enlighten people around the globe but yes few of us are a bit extremist so they sometime teach people harshly and sometime by insisting which is not what Islam commands!

          We as a Muslim simply follow:

          Say, “This is my way; I invite to Allah with insight, I and those who follow me. And exalted is Allah ; and I am not of those who associate others with Him.”
          [Surat Yūsuf (Joseph) 12:108]

          Invite to the way of your Lord with wisdom and good instruction, and argue with them in a way that is best. Indeed, your Lord is most knowing of who has strayed from His way, and He is most knowing of who is [rightly] guided.
          [Surat An-Naĥl (The Bee) 161:125]

          Means we’re simply allowed to discuss politely and rationally and once we’re completed our job is done and we can’t force anyone to embrace Islam.

          \.ur religion change from one country to another\
          About switching from country to country, we do not force people to embrace Islam but we enlighten them about the teaching but it’s their own free will whether to follow it or not.
          That’s what our religion teaches us and that’s what we do.

          \no values for women or girls.\
          If you have time then read the following to clear your doubts:

          \even ur holy koraan is not written by prophet muhammad.\

          You consider a book written by a man claiming to be the witness of revelation and its author is the true religion?

          Islam was revealed and completed on the face of this earth through prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) who was unlearned. Who couldn’t even read and write and that’s pretty amazing and awesome that an unlearned person who was persecuted and stoned by people in the streets of Makkah while his sandals were drenched in blood, even then he responded to those action by saying, GOD is one!

          The most amazing fact here is that in this entire globe people claim to be the most innocent, clam and humanly religion couldn’t memorized their book completely whereas Prophet Muhammad (Peace and blessings be upon him) got revelation where each verse was memorized by him as well as the people around the globe called as Muslims which is another proof of its truthfulness and authenticity that it’s by GOD and no one can alter the book as mentioned in Qur’an as:

          Indeed, it is We who sent down the Qur’an and indeed, We will be its guardian.

          [Surat Al-Ĥijr (The Rocky Tract) 15:9]

          For an instance,

          Changing the words in any book is possible as man learned to read and write and once he is tempted by Satan while having no fear of GOD he can do anything without thinking about consequences that for which he will be questioned at the day of resurrection and he will have to reap what he sow.

          So if someone try to change/alter/misprint even a single word in Qur’an then from the first time it was revealed until now Muslims have been memorizing Qur’an and if they find any error, they correct it but i never heard about any other religion around the globe that its scripture has been memorized by the follower.

          \Learn how to be a good human and love others.islam is good but u muslims not follow it 100 % \

          Indeed, Islam is perfect but Muslims not and if you really wanna see a change then you also need to look into your collar first as once you threw dirt towards, you will have to face the reaction.


        • habban

          womens have their respect but i u made womens as men

      • JudgeJuryExecutioner
    • shabbir manzoor

      nice balraj god bless u

    • JudgeJuryExecutioner

      I love Sikhism as its founded on human rights and equality regardless of race, gender, age, wealth, etc. I also love how Sikhism respects other religions and accepting that all religions lead to the path of God. God is One with many names.

  • Ahmed Mughal

    islam is the best religion

    • yeah…the one who couldn’t defeat american ..losers of Vietnam..Islam just lost its values against a country driven by nationalism….americanism is best than islam….
      4. Hindu

      • Amna Safdar

        we couldn’t defeat Americans or they scared of us .They always attack from back and Christianity doesn’t exist and Americanism is not Americanism but it can be define as terrorism

        • Haleema Saadia


      • Haleema Saadia

        Your opinion and I don’t agree with it

      • Ûmår Çlãshêr

        Islam is World No.1 Religion and No One Beat Islam
        Islam is best religion in all world

        • Mark john

          Islam is little daughter of christianity( her REAL FATHER). The world knows that christians are the real rulers in the universe. Islam was made to let people enjoy 4 Women atleast, fuck and sleep with own mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers. People became muslims just to be able to enjoy women, have too much of sex. Prophet mohammad married little girl ayesha when she was Just 4 Years old, and raped her after marrying her. He preached his followers to circumcise penis like jews to fuck more women, force women to wear hijab so that their private parts remain warm for enjoying by men. He preached his followers to live like animals and said christianity is father of little islam. Islam doesnt have anything of its own. It has taken everything from jews and christians like circumcision penises. Skull caps, keeping shaved moustache b

          • Mark john

            And long but cut beards. America will teach muslims a lesson and make them humans from animals by converting them to christianity, which is the super powerful religion in the universe. Many muslims have converted their religion to christianity and all muslims will convert to christianity soon.Islam and its followers will wipe out from this universe forever. Long live JESUS THE GREAT

          • Nivas Deen

            Yen sunniya pudichi umbu da thevdiya paiya

          • anilla

            Mister, if that happens, the last day will soon desend upon this world. The prophet jesus is also a prophet in islam, so basically both religions are almost the same, and please avoid yourself from using abbusive language when talking about religion, cause i bet christianity has also taught you to respect others , and please if you don’t know what islam is then refraim yourself from talking about it abbusively . Thank you!!!

          • habban

            u r right teach them some manners

          • Shaani Ali

            You’re not a practicing one, else you know that Jesus commanded to you as:

            But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you,

            [Matthew 5:44]

            We do not even consider you our enemy but it’s you who always think that Islam is your enemy. You never tried to learn its scripture but you always judge based illogical facts which counts nothing to a rational person. Since from a long time, American has been blaming Islam for 9/11 but what?

            It was an inside job, eh?


            Yeah, you heard me clearly!

            Do not judge a religion based on its follower but go and read scripture so you could understand what that religion commandments are and later you can assume whatever you want. There are white and black sheep in everything religion around the globe, so a rational person will never pass conclusion based on people’s ideology!

          • habban

            americans are dumb and deaf

          • habban

            they can never embrace the true religon
            and god wont give them the power to embrace it

          • khurram shahzad

            Look at your self what kind of words you are using, you don’t have any knowledge of Christianity either. You are no more than a animal. May God give your right path. Ameen

          • Nivas Deen

            Day ponna pundamavana gothala poi sei da kuchikari paiya onga pundamavana jesus dick a poi sappuna onga hossana pundaI and thiruttu olu naya urine poitou soothe kaluvatha kafir nai ne peasuriya na mattum anga vanthen Un sunniya aruthuduvenda. … poi on mother a fuck panniers da

          • Hasnain Hasnain

            do u have any knowledge about islam. Without any proof and bookish knowledge it doesn’t suit any one to talk about any religion publically. like ur thinking i can count number of deficiencies in christianity.if u need to know about islam just read the good book (QURAN) u willl be clear to everything.

          • anilla

            I will try my best to pretend that i never read your comment.

          • Jawad

            i am seeing that many people are commenting here without any proper knowledge about any religions. You should do some research on that.

          • Wajid

            John … First tell us about your father. And i think you’ll bethe son of 10 or more fathers.

        • Jawad

          Hay i am also muslim but Check this another list about Top 10 Most Popular Followed Religions in the World New List It says that no of persons are important but i thinks their behaviour matter most than quantitiy.

      • Nivas Deen

        Pods loosu payala….pe pundamavana. …thevdiya paiya

    • Haleema Saadia


    • Ûmår Çlãshêr

      Yes Islam is no.1 Religion and Best in world

      • JudgeJuryExecutioner

        That’s disrespectful! You should respect other religions as much as you respect Islam and want Islam respected by other faith groups. You’re NOT a good Muslim. At least Sikhism peaches all religions put you on the path to God. BTW, there’s only ONE GOD who has many different names. There’s no such thing as a wrong or right religion. Everyone that is religious and a good person will be one with God after passing away.

    • Mark john

      Islam is fuck all religion

      • Nivas Deen

        Day. …….thevdiya paiya

      • habban

        fuck your self

    • Mark john


      • Nivas Deen

        Oppan bull shit pundamavana. ..

      • ashraf

        your mom n dad taught you wrong …find other person who can teach you well …

      • habban

        learn some manners of other religons. sonbody may abuse your religon

  • H.M.Devaraja

    please understand

  • Nazakat Hussain

    ISLAM is the best the great and the only true religion on the planet which exists with its all purity, dignity and blessings. No other religion can match it at all.

  • Souvik

    I donot belief in religion or God. I believe in humanism. Serving to humans can only be the way to attain internal purity and to reach GOD.

    • Guest

      Recent toddlers like you think as if you are philosophers and define what is god. your views are just like a blind man trying to describe an elephant; you never get a complete picture.

      Just compare the philosophies of 3 people Lord Krishna, Aristotle and Socrates.

      You will never talk about the presence or absence of god again.
      When will you people get matured???

  • Souvik

    There is nothing called GOD.

    • NaiNu KiNg

      what the f*** you had spoken????

    • NaiNu KiNg

      be in your limits

  • Souvik

    If there was something called GOD or Allah why inspite of praising their religion day and night people are facing so many sufferings in their life.

    • anilla

      This is because no one is pure anymore. If they really want something from God or Allah they they should ask it with a pure heart and btw most people either muslim or christain find it a pain in the ass to pray, that might also be a reason.

  • Souvik

    Without donating money to temple fund helping the poor who are just outside sitting of the temple begging whole the day will be more gracefull.

    • shahbaz

      SOUVIL…i m Muslim .as you said that there is no presentation of God in world so its wrong idea but as you said you like being careful person or a helping man its so nice you should believe that there is someone who control every thing like stars distance ,day & night who give you spirit in your body..

  • Amna Safdar

    Islam is the best because Islam describes every single thing in the world and the best way of life . I am Muslim and proud to be love you Islam

  • Islam is the fastest growing religion of the world. Christianity is the major practiced religion of the world.

  • Paige Wirt

    There is A LOT of Islams in the comments but anyways imo Christianity i think is the best.

  • Haleema Saadia

    I am muslim and proud of it

  • Ûmår Çlãshêr

    Islam is World No.1 Religion and No One Beat Islam
    Islam is best religion in all world

    • Nivas Deen

      Masha Allah. …bro

  • Mark john

    islam is bullshit

    • salim

      You r bullshit

    • Nivas Deen

      Christian is my vindhu. ….? (Ass) thevdiya

  • Sachin BC

    love your Religion & At the same time learn to Respect other Religion too

  • Shahbaz

    Islam is best in the whole world

  • Aadi

    I love My Religion Islam and islam is the best religion ..

  • Nivas Deen

    Islam is first….. Allah is one the greatest most powerful of my Allah…

  • robinpal singh khalsa all the religions
    Because our guru nanak dev gi say
    Respect the all religions of people
    I proud to be a sikh
    Waheguruu gi k khalsa
    Waheguruu gi k fateh

  • shawal khan

    i love chirstianity and christianity is the real religion

  • Jophet Francisco Ligutom

    Iam a christian but the fisrt son of abraham was Ismael (Islam) and second Esuac (Christian) All Religion is son of Abraham…..

  • Jophet Francisco Ligutom

    Islam and Christian are Brothers…

  • Pushkar Bhure

    all relegions are equal. none is better none is lesss. all relegions are just diffferent pathways of reaching the same god

  • imtiaz ali

    we are prd to be a muslim

  • Ayesha Aziz

    islam is the best religion in the world

  • Duarajpoot

    Islam ISlam Islam Islam Islam i love soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much ….. it,s my life my everything i love my religion sooooooo much

  • irfan

    Islam is the best religion in the world…..

  • irfan

    Mark john please read quran. I belive u also will accept islam.

  • Hasnain Hasnain

    the most powerful the most peaceful religion of the world is Islam the emphasize of knowledge, peace, love, family relation, brotherhood human rights.

  • habban

    the best religon is the religon u believe in and i beleive in islam