Top Ten Most Expensive Cities in the World

In United states average people have good income to meet the daily routine expenses  but there are also people in reasonable number which are facing  the difficulties of low-income, living hand to mouth. Some people are leading a very auspicious and beautiful living full of enjoyment while on the other hand  a percentage of inhabitants who have not good sources of income,  are hardly meeting their basic and foremost needs. thus there is a huge difference in life standards.A dedication is required to meet the life changing dream of living luxurious life.In 2013, Economist Intelligence Unit make a survey and prepared a list of top ten most expensive cities in the world. This ranking list is totally based on the price data which is adjusted to the recent exchange-rates movements. The japan tops the list with two of most expensive cities  Tokyo and Osaka , due to costly luxurious apartments and high-priced food, expense of average single person living there can range up to $4000 a month . executive salaries are also high so average percentage of people can easily afford this living standard. Below is the ranking list of top 10 most expensive cities in the world.

Rank City Country
1. Tokyo Japan
2. Osaka Japan
3. Sydney Australia
4. Oslo Norway
5. Melbourne Australia
6. Singapore Singapore
7. Zurich Switzerland
8. Paris France
9. Caracas Venezuela
10. Geneva Switzerland

Q : Which is the Most Expensive City in the world?

Ans: According to the survey made by EIU in 2013, Tokyo is the most expensive city on the plant.

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