Top Ten Cucumber Producing Countries

Top Ten Cucumber Producing Countries


Cucumber is one of the widely used and cultivated plants around the world and according to a recent survey it is the fourth most cultivated vegetable than all other edible vegetables. Moreover it is known as one of the healthiest foods for human health. Because it has number of health benefits by usage in medicines it is protecting human life from numerous diseases. Mostly it is referred to super food having no side effect, being used in skin beauty products too. It has different varieties from which three are major and most popular such as pickling, slicing and burpless and these varieties include numerous cultivars that have moved away. This vegetable belongs to Southern Asia but today, it is being grown in all continents of the world. Though different varieties are used and traded in the global markets. Following is a list indicating top ten countries by their annual production.


Cucumber production by country

Rank Country Production
1. China flag  China 40,709,556
2. Iran  Iran 1,811,630
3. Turkey  Turkey 1,739,190
4. Russia Flag  Russia 1,161,870
5. UNITED STATES FLAG  United States 883,360
6. ukraine  Ukraine 860,100
7. Spain  Spain 682,900
8. Egypt  Egypt 631,408
9. japan  Japan 587,800
10. indonesia flag  Indonesia 547,141


Q : Which Country Produces largest quantity of Cucumber in the world?


And : With more than 40,709,556 Tonnes Production, China is the largest producer of Cucumber  in the world.

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