Top Ten Countries With Most Pet Cat Population


Cat is a very Popular and beautiful pet animal which can be easily adopted in home and cute kitten is also not  dangerous and harmful like some big animals. it has different colors and kinds. It has different behaviors i,e fighting,playing,grooming etc. In various nations its population is calculated to be different.

List of Top 10 Countries with Most Pet Cat Population


Rank Country No. of Cats
1. United States 76,430,000
2. China 53,100,000
3. Russia 12,700,000
4. Brazil 12,466,000
5. France 9,600,000
6. Italy 9,400,000
7. United Kingdom 7,700,000
8. Ukraine 7,350,000
9. Japan 7,300,000
10. Germany 7,700,000
USA has the highest population of Pet cats as compared to all other countries in the world.