Top Ten Countries with Largest Armies in the World



The major function of army is the defense of a nation and to show existence of courage, bravery , strength and power of a country.  Sea, air and land are the three main places in which security is required so for this purpose a country must have Air force, Navy and Army. Different nations have different number of these major forces. but from our point of view these three are equally important, if a country doesn’t have sea or ocean near their border then navy is not needed but for defense of  soil and air the other two are more and more important. below is list of top ten largest armies in the world 2014.
Following figures are based on research and info is collected from more than ten sources, this list is composed of number of persons enrolled in defense in each country and military power. this doesn’t include overall weapon strength.

Top Ten  Largest Armies in the World 2014

Rank Country Army Personnel
1.  China  1600000
 2.  India   1100000
 3.  North Korea  950000
 4.  South Korea  560000
 5.  Pakistan  550000
 6.  USA  477800
 7.  Vietnam  412000
 8.  Turkey  402000
 9.  Iraq  375000
 10.  Russia  321000


from above information from verified sources which is  purely based on number of army personnel’s in a nation. China is the leading nation in all over the countries. Which has Largest Army in the World

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