Top Ten Countries With Highest Deforestation



Forests are of highly importance for Land and natural beauty on this earth but annually a large amount of trees are eliminated from the earth which is very  dangerous activity  for environment, agriculture is the major factor of this worst activity.  farmer  cut trees to clear the land for cultivation of corps.Deforestation means elimination or removing the forests from land and  has prevailed into most of the countries in the world. this leads to oxygen elimination and pollution. Different authorities collected information from numerous  sources through which a list of top 10 nations was prepared , which is as follows:


Top 10 countries With Most Deforestation in the World

Rank Country Deforested Area (Hectares)
1. brazil flag  Brazil 3466000
2. indonesia flag  Indonesia 1447800
3. Russia Flag  Russian Federation 532200
4. mexico  Mexico 395000
5. Papua New Guinea  Papua New Guinea 250200
6. peru flag  Peru 224600
7.   UNITED STATES FLAGUnited States of America 215200
8. Bolivia  Bolivia 135200
9. Sudan flag  Sudan 117807
10. Nigeria flag  Nigeria 82000

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    What is the country with the highest rate of deforestation in the caribbean