Top Ten Countries Spending Most on Console and Computer Games

console and computer games in the world


A video game console is a computerized system . it  can be used by connecting a video device such as Television and Monitor etc for displaying the video games. It is the modern type and different advantages out of which some are as follows:

Some typical Advantages of Video game console

  • Cheap initial prices
  • Optimized games
  • Special Gaming Features
  • Increased software and hardware protection.

Teens and kids love to play their favorite games on these consoles. most popular are XBOX 360, PlayStation 4, classical consoles are GameBoy Advanced, Nintendo , etc. these have got popularity over the world in two decades, but there are some nations spending  millions of dollars  each year  . So a list of top ten countries is given below which are spending most on Consoles and computer games in the world.

List of Top Ten Countries Spending Most on Console and Computer Games

RankCountryTotalSales (2000) & Per Capita
2.United States14,348,000,00052.1
3.United Kingdom2,684,000,00044.6
6.South Korea1,724,000,00020.9

Q: What country spends the most on Consoles and Computer Games?

From different authentic and verified sources it is proved that Canada is the country which is spending the most on Consoles and computer video games.

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