Top Ten Countries Earning Most from Tourism

top ten countries earning most from tourism in the world


Tourism is travel for entertainment, leisure time, and for business purpose. Which has become a globally popular  activity. It faced a greatest slowdown from 2008 -2009. It is considered as an essential activity because it has direct effects on the life of nations, it also effects the educational, social, cultural and economic sectors of a particular country.


This industry brings heavy amounts of income in country so in some countries it has become the major source of income, for this reason the concerned government deeply pays attention on it. such countries are gaining much from it. The world Tourism organization reported the following nations as top ten countries earning most from tourists in the world in 2011. many people have a great hobby of traveling all around the world , such people spend their whole life in dedication of their excitement for nature.


Top Ten Countries Earning Most from Tourists/Tourism


RankCountryInternational Tourism Receipts (2011)
In Billion Dollars
1.United States$116.3
7.United Kingdom$35.9
10.Hong Kong$27.2


 Q : What Country Earns the Most from Tourism?

At present United States is the nation which is earning the maximum amount from it. In 2011, Its annual tourism receipts were $116.3 billion dollars.

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