Top Ten Countries By Most Spending on Tourism

Tourism in the world

Tourism can be defined as a Travel from one country or place to another country or place for a particular reason such as entertainment, leisure time spending, educational tour or may be for a  business visit. In different nations it has become most important sector due to the largest amounts of receipts as reward earning from tourism. The major keys for which is has become important for every country and for every person, below reasons are main reasons for its importance:

It directly effects on the following  sectors of a nation

  • Educational
  • Social
  • Cultural
  • Economical


top 10 countries spending most on international tourism


That is why at present it has got most importance and a huge attention by the concerned government. And Resulting from it most countries are spending large amount of their budget on to this sector. In 2011, The World Tourism Organization reported the below mentioned nations as the top 10 largest spenders on the international tourism:

Top Ten Biggest Spenders on international Tourism

RankCountryInternational Tourism Expenditure
(Billion Dollars)
International Tourism Expenditure
(Billion Dollars)
1.China $72.6 $102.0
2.Germany $85.9 $83.8
3.United States $78.7 $83.7
4.United  Kingdom $51.0 $52.3
5.Russia $32.5 $42.8
6.France $44.1 $38.1
7.Canada $33.3 $35.2
8.Japan $27.2 $28.1
9.Australia $26.7 $27.6
10.Italy $28.7 $26.2

Q: Which Country Spends the Most on Tourism ?

Most nations are spending on on tourist sector, but at present China is the nation which is spending most on this sector. In 2012 its expenditure was $102 billion.

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