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Top Ten Cotton Producing Countries in the World

Top Ten Cotton Producing Countries in the World


Cotton is a very soft fiber which is grown in a boll. one of the most essential crop for cloth industry, It was first grown in old world 7000 years ago.Its cultivation became most Prevalent during the Indus  valley civilization. for its successful cultivation following things are required :

  • A reasonable frost-free time period
  • Plenty of  Sun shine
  • Moderate Rain Fall etc.

Most of it  is harvested in USA, Europe and Australia mechanically, But in developing nations, still it is piked by hand.


List of Top 10 Cotton Producing Countries in the World

(Million Bales)
1.People’s Republic of China33.0
3.United States18.0


Q: Which Country Produces Most Cotton in the World ?

For quality cloth this crop is much important and famous commodity all over the world. Which is exported by by top producing nations throughout the earth. At present situation the People Republic of China is the largest cotton producing country with almost 33 million bales output in the year 2011.

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