Top Ten Child Labor Countries in the World



Child labor means children working in any field of work at cheapest prices which deprives them from the happiness and the enjoyment of childhood life. It is very common in the developing nations and the countries which have a poor and cheap industry. It has become the major and continuously increasing problem throughout the world. It is taking place in different shapes in the third world countries.

Major Causes of Child Labor

International Labor Organization suggested the following reasons of child labour out of which major causes are as follows :

  • Poverty is the greatest causes behind this evil problem
  • Maternal and Paternal Illiteracy
  • Cheap and poor industry
  • Weak Laws relating to children rites etc.

List of Top 10 Child Labour Countries in the World

this question arises in minds what countries in the world today still allow child labor? unfortunately below are statistics.

Rank Country Children From 10-14 Years Old
1. Mali 51.14%
2. Bhutan 51.10%
3. Burundi 48.50%
4. Uganda 43.79%
5. Niger 43.62%
6. Burkina 43.45%
7. Ethiopia 42.45%
8. Nepal 42.05%
9. Rwanda 41.35%
10. Kenya 39.15%

Q : Which country has the highest proportion of Child Labor in the world?

Child labor is a global problem and almost all the developing nations are facing this problem, But at present Mali is the country with maximum percentage of child workers in the world. Almost 51.14% is the percentage of those children who are working between the age of  10 to 14 years.

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