Top Ten Best Hospitals in the USA

USNewsBestHospitals2014A recent U.S. survey News and World Report ranks the best Hospital is the United States and worldwide although there are no standards specified to accurately measure the hospitals brilliance. The 2009 rankings are based on several factors, including hospital mortality: How good are they in keeping their patient alive? Obviously, patients are very interested in that statistic, but health insurers also want to know when they are determining which hospitals to include in their network. Hospitals included in the plans of the major health insurance companies look more customers and revenue from outside the network. A good reputation among physicians is highly coveted and also plays an important role in the range of a hospital and medical professionals are presumably more informed and better able to judge its quality. Other elements of a high quality hospital are the availability of advanced medical technology, experience in certain specialties, the quality and the relationship of nurses and other patient services. Finally, the best hospitals take great care to keep their patients as safe as possible. After all, no one – especially the insurance – want to pay to correct the errors to another one.So medical care is  best in America, and why? For one, they are known for their practices in at least six specialties, which national targets for quality health care. They are also recognized for their success in the treatment of a large number of complex medical conditions. Many major hospitals focus on the northeast, perhaps because the region has long been a center of education n and industry innovation. However, there are also hospitals rank high in the Midwest, South, and along the west coast. If insurance companies are willing to pay for an expensive treatment, which prefer to reduce the risk of going to one of these facilities. Following is the list of hospitals taken from a report generated by CNN:The top 10 are:

Top Ten  Hospitals in the America List

1. Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore

2. Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston

3. Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota

4. Cleveland Clinic in Ohio

5. UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles

6. Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago

7. (tie) New York-Presbyterian University Hospital of Columbia and Cornell, New York

7. (tie) UCSF Medical Center in San Francisco

9. Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston

10. UPMC-University of Pittsburgh Medical Center in Pennsylvania

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