Top Ten Beef Producing Countries in the World

beef production by countryThe beef and meat production worldwide, is characterized by the existence of diversity in manufacturing systems, the complexity of international trade, increased production and slow but progressive decline in consumption.

World yielding of beef is about 57 million tons by 2008, accounting for nearly one-third of global meat production. It is expected a significant increase in global production of beef especially due to the growing demand from countries like Asia.

In some nations people prefer vegetables over meat  even vegetarian countries like India demand large amount of beef for their packed food products. fast food is one of the most popular food product in north America and rest of world. beef burger definitely requires meat but very low percentage of fast food demand beef , many of them have chicken as a primary item such as zinger burger, fried wings and pizza.  At present , global meat production is affected by two main factors. The first is the development  and export of Western European countries, to other nations such as South America, Australia and Canada. The second factor is the change that is assuming the bio-fuels industry in the price of food supplies for the fattening of cattle on grains and concentrates. live stock industry is the main source of income for some farmers, with increase in consumption of beef thousands of cow yards are being established worldwide specifically for beef production, considering it a profitable business.

Beef Production by Country

Production (%)

The main producer and the most important country in the international markets is the United States with about 20% of world total provision, followed by countries such as Brazil, China, Argentina, Australia and Russia. It is estimated that countries like China can match with the United States and Brazil upcoming years.

In the European Union there are about 34 million cows of which 65% are milking and 35% are for meat. Meat production is about 8 million tonnes, with 65% in France, Germany, Italy and the UK. The main exporting European countries are Germany, Ireland and France, with Italy.


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