Top Mango Producing Countries in the World

In the Product Profile presented below at analyzes the report comparing Colombian agricultural competitors, the behavior of production and global trade of fresh mangoes, identifies the main competitors of Colombian exporters and major threats and opportunities Colombia should handle that it would face in the external market, among other topics of vital interest to producers and marketers of this fruit. Thus, the Corporation International Colombia seeks to contribute to the development and modernization of the Colombian food industry, providing producers, exporters and importers reliable and timely information for decision-making in business projects.

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According to the analysis major mango producers worldwide are Asian countries and Mexico, India being the most important as it has a 50.7% share of total world production. It should be noted that in the period between 1992 and 1997, the Philippine mango production, Peru, Ecuador, Israel, China, Mali, Costa Rica and Indonesia increased by more than 100%, Mali and Ecuador being the most dynamic (as shown in below Table).

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The mango export analysis shows this fruit is the third most popular tropical product, preceded by the pineapple and avocado (and excluding bananas) in world. The total mango exports leading global provider of Latin America, the Caribbean, Asia, Africa and Europe increased by 76% between 1991 and 1996, from 223,716 to 393,599 tons in the same period. Also, mango imports from Europe increased by 67% and the U.S. by 88% over the same period, to reach 65,908 and 173,817 tons, respectively.

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The main producing countries are not major exporters according to normal behavior India produces 50.7% of the world’s handle, for example, only holds a 0.42.% Mango exported to Europe and the United States. United States and, in particular, Puerto Rico produced 0.08% of the world and participate handle over 10% of the European market, similar the situation of Israel and South Africa. This is explained, in part, because the most productive varieties worldwide are not dominating the major import markets, which have been promoted by the importing companies.

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The participation of Latin American and Caribbean countries in total world exports of fresh mangoes is 59%, and Asian countries 29%, that of Africans and Europe 3.2% 8.7% re-exporting the total volume exports.

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Currently, the major Latin American countries this fruit suppliers to the markets of the United States and Europe are Mexico and Brazil. It is worth noting that in recent years, Peru, Venezuela and Ecuador have been gaining a significant share of the market (2.1% of the market between 1995 and 1996). The participation of Colombia is, today, very low and must compete with other countries in Latin America, Africa and Asia that already have a good position in the markets, particularly in Europe. The overall trend in market is shown in table below:

Which Country Produces the Most Mangoes:

RankCountryMango Production(in Tons)

Q:Which country produces the most mangoes?

India leads the world in mango production with its maximum weight production of 16337400 tons for the tasty fruit.
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