Top 5 Countries with the Highest Total number of Abortions in the World

abortion rates in the world

Abortion is a process of killing a baby before its birth and coming into the world for several reasons But it is shameful activity because innocent baby is killed without any sin,without any mistake and an innocent soul dies before birth. it is a social crime.

women are forced to have abortions

In some nations it is legal while on the other hand some nations don’t allow abortions but it does not affect  in both the situations , number of abortions are taking place in the world. But a decline has come in its number. Following is a list of top five nations having most abortions in the world

Rank Country Number of Abortion Abortion Rate
Per 1000 Women
1. China 7,930,000 26.1
2. Russian Federation 2,287,300 68.4
3. Vietnam 1,520,000 83.3
4. United States 1,365,700 22.9
5. Ukraine 635,600 57.2


Q: Which Country has the highest  number of abortions?

China is the most Populated nation in the world so population is a significant problem for china. At present China has the maximum abortions in a year because it is a way through which china can maintain its population according to its one-child policy.

Note : All the information is collected from different resources in 2009, and the countries given in the above information are surveyed. so all the information contains estimates based on the best data.

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