Top 10 Walnut Producing Countries

walnut production by country

If it comes to the human health, walnut has convinced the Health experts more than ever before because of its numerous health and nutritional benefits. most importantly they are best for brain actually make the thinking power more efficient.Its seeds have the highest density source of nutrients especially proteins and essential fatty acids are its major consituents that are making it helpful for human health. When it is used in the whole form it provides number of health benefits. Every dry fruit lover knows about 90% of the phenols in the walnuts are found in its skin so it is more beneficial to eat it in the original and whole form. Some researchers will encourage you to remove its skin and then use it while on the other hand most will suggest you to eat the whole walnut including skin.Today we will discuss about the production and top ten walnut producing countries in the world.

Due to the huge amount of benefits and demand of walnut dry fruit is produced and consumed in notable quantity all around the world. The Global production of walnut seeds has increased within a few couple of years and the largest increase is observed in Asia continent. In 2010 the production of walnut seeds exceeded 2.55 million metric tons thus resulting a valuable rank in most used dry fruits.

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Top 10 Largest Walnut Producers in the World

Following is a table showing the top ten countries that are reported to be the largest producers around the world.

Rank Country Production
1.   China 1,700,000
2.   Iran 450,000
3.   United States 425,820
4.   Turkey 194,298
5.   Mexico 110,605
6.   Ukraine 96,900
7.   India 40,000
8.   Chile 38,000
9.   France 36,425
10.   Romania 30,546


Q : Which Country Produces Most Walnut In the world?

Ans : At Present China is the largest Walnut Producing Country in the world with more than 1,700,000 tonnes annual Production the it comes Iran and United states of America.

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