Top 10 Richest Countries In Asia – List

most richest countries in asia continent

Developing Asia will not be as supporting enough to the worldwide economy in the coming years than the estimation that was made during a few couple of months back as the growth rate of Chinese economy got slow pace. we will have a look at the Top 10 wealthiest Countries In Asia. According to the latest economic report, numerous Asian economies got declined during the short span of time. A Hamstrung by inconsistent exports, capital surges, drowsy local demand, political and arrangement vulnerability. In the meantime, a lot of major Asian real trading accomplices in the West are pondering disinflation and powerless demand, making it troublesome for the national banks there to move far from forceful money related jolt.

Calculations for fiscal year of GDP Development in 2015 were either cut or left unaltered for the nine Asian nations. In the most recent survey of more than 200 economists led over the previous week, with Indonesia, Hong Kong, and Singapore enduring the worst part of the minimization.

While the nations like India, Malaysia and Thailand were the few nations for which these financial experts made slight improvements to development projections. These most recent dull figures take after comparably lukewarm results in the not so distant future amid which the Chinese economy dropped to its slowest development speed since the worldwide monetary disasters.

The above discussion is showing a decline in the economic growth of Asia continent. But still there are countries that are considered the strongest economies on the planet. Do you know which the richest country in Asia continent is?

Richest Country in the Asia continent is Qatar (also world’s #1 Richest nation)

Qatar - world's richest country ever

Qatar is famed as the richest country in the world that is just located in the Middle East. It is covering 11,586 sq km area.  It is one of the most god gifted nations with Oil, natural gas, and fish, etc. contributing to a reasonable share in its GDP growth. The nation has prospered during the preceding few years with its continuous highest Real GDP development. As indicated by CIA World FactBook in its 2013 estimates, its per capita GDP (PPP) was estimated over $198.7 billion while the per capita GDP was estimated about $98,814 which is 5.5 percent increase in its GDP growth.

When we divide its overall GDP by sector, there will be three major sectors contributing to its Real GDP, Following is a table showing it’s GDP wealth by sector.

Sr. No. Sector Percent Share
1.  Agriculture 0.1%
2.  Industry 72.2%
3.  Misc. Services 27.7%

Now let us further divide the agriculture sector and the industry sector as well.

Sr. No. Industry
1. Refining and Production of Crude Oil
2. Fertilizers industry
3. Cement Production
4. Liquefied natural gas
5. Commercial ship repair
6. Steel reinforcing bars
7. Ammonia
8. Petrochemicals

Below is a table showing the major agricultural products in the countryside that are contributing to Qatar economy.

Sr. No. Agricultural Products
1. Vegetables
2. Poultry
3. Fruits
4. Dairy Products
5. Fish
6. Beef

Top 10 Richest Countries in Asia by Per Capita GDP

As Qatar is the richest country in the world and holds the best and most powerful economy on the planet, it also boasts of having the highest employment rates than many other rich countries around the globe. However, a minor percentage 0.3 % unemployment rate has been observed in the countryside. No population is reported to be living below the poverty line in Qatar.

Just behind Qatar, the second richest country by per capita GDP is not other than Singapore, which holds the second spot as the richest country in Asia while the third spot in the overall world’s wealthiest nations ranking list. In accordance to 2014 estimates collected by International Monetary Fund (IMF), below is a list of top ten wealthy Asian countries with their PER capita GDP at purchasing power parity.

Rank Country Per Capita GDP
1. Qatar $98,814
2. Singapore $64,584
3. Brunei $53,431
4. Taiwan $39,767
5. Kuwait $39,706
6. Japan $36,899
7. Israel $34,770
8. Bahrain $34,584
9. South Korea $33,189
10. Saudi Arabia $31,245


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