Top 10 Pineapple Producing Countries in the World

top 10 pineapple producers in the world

The Pineapple is named for its resemblance to the Pine Cone. This fruit is much liked and popular in all over the world. It belongs to Bromeliaceae family and is the most economically significant plant. It may be cultivated or flowered in 20-24 months while fruiting in the following six months. Pineapples are consumed or served fresh, cooked, juiced and can be preserved. in 2009,  an estimated ranking list of top ten largest producers of pineapple was prepared by the Food and Agriculture Organization.


List of Top 10 Countries By Largest Pineapple Production

(Thousand Metric Tonnes)
1.philippines flag  Philippines2198
2.thailand flag  Thailand1894
3.costa Rica  Costa Rica1870
4.indonesia flag  Indonesia1558
5.Chile  Chile1477
6.brazil flag  Brazil1471
7.india flag  India1341
8.Nigeria flag  Nigeria898
9.mexico  Mexico685
10.Vietnam  Vietnam460


Q: Which Country produces most Pineapple in all over the world ?

South Asia hold sway over the  world production in 2001. But at present Philippines is the Largest Pineapple producing country in all over the world.


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