Which Countries have Most Nuclear Power

Nuclear Powers in the World

The dangers of possessing Nuclear weapons and its proliferation are the biggest threats to the safety of mankind and the world. The stockpiling of uranium, its enrichment, deploying nuclear weapons and having ballistic missiles that can cause unprecedented destruction has been happening since the Hiroshima-Nagasaki bombing in 1945. The cold war saw Soviet Union and United States of America build their nuclear assets and it is a testament to the restraint of both countries and human luck that they stopped just short of launching these things at each other and taking the world with it. Since the end of the cold, United Nations, International Atomic Energy Agency and UN Security Council have worked in tandem to prevent Nuclear Proliferation and keep the stockpiling of Nuclear Weapons in Check. Following are 10 countries that either have declared nuclear weapons or have reports about them possessing nuclear weapons.

10. Iran

Countries like Iran and Israel have never declared that they don’t have any nuclear weapons, only nuclear energy plants. There are only eight countries in the world that have declared their nuclear weapons capabilities and Iran has always maintained before that having a weapons of mass destruction have no place in Iran’s security and defence doctrine. In face of Iran’s increasing stockpiling of enriched uranium, UN tried to reduce Iran’s stockpile by 98%. An agreement to reduce it by two/thirds was reached in July 15. Later Iran has also conducted failed ballistic missile experiments in late 2016 and on January 29, 2017 which has put them on notice with IAEA and UN Security Council.

which Countries have Most Nuclear Power

9. North Korea

North Korea officially became a Nuclear Power in 2006 and the country has been at odds with almost all of the treaties signed by UN regarding nuclear proliferation. Still, there is still no information as to how many nuclear weapons are deployed by the rogue nation.

8. Israel

It is understood that Israel has stockpiled nuclear weapons that are currently non-deployed. Similar to Iran, Israel has never declared to possessing workable nuclear weapons and the one that are non-deployed are reported to be 80 in number.

7. India

India has a more than adequate Nuclear weapons capabilities and it is suggested that the country possesses a total of 120 weapons that are all non-deployed but stockpiled nonetheless. Most of the experiments conducted by India on ballistic missiles have failed however.

6. Pakistan

Pakistan is said to possess a massive nuclear arsenal that even dwarfs the one that India has, its neighboring country, the one it has a seemingly perpetual feud with. The unofficial reports say that Pakistan might have over 120 nuclear weapons that are left unassembled until launched but the officially declared non-deployed ones are 140. Pakistan has no deployed nuclear warheads on record.

Nuclear weapons chart

5. United Kingdom

UK is the first country on this list that has actually declared to having 120 deployed nuclear warheads. Britain has been dabbling in stockpiling enriched uranium and nuclear weapons since 1956 and the country also has 95 non-deployed weapons bringing the total to 215.

4. China

China is another country which has always shied away from declaring how many nuclear weapons that it has deployed. Currently China has 260 non-deployed or stockpiled nuclear weapons but there is high pressure from the people of China to increase its Nuclear arsenal in order to compete with Russia and USA.

3. France

France has joined United States in a Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty (CTBT) which has led to the country not conducting any nuclear test since 1996. France still has 290 deployed Nuclear weapons and 10 non-deployed.

2. USA

United States of America used to have more nuclear weapons than Russia but US has been more active in dismantling its previous Nuclear weapons. The country has focused on maintaining and improving its previous nuclear arsenal while introducing better more organized weapons with latest technology as they retire the old ones. US has 1,740 deployed weapons, 2,740 non-deployed and 2300 waiting to be dismantled, bringing the total nuclear weapons to 6,780.

1. Russia

Russia competed with USA for being the No.1 Superpower during the cold war. As a result, their nuclear arsenal has become quite massive much like USA. Russia has 2,510 nuclear weapons that are waiting to be dismantled, 2700 stockpiled and non-deployed, 1790 deployed nuclear warheads making them have a total of 7,000 nuclear weapons.

Nuclear Power countries graph

List of Nuclear Power Countries Under NPT

RankCountryWarheads Active/TotalYear of 1st ExperimentCTBT status


United States

3.United Kingdom160/2251952Ratifier

List of  Non-NPT Nuclear Powers

RankCountryWarheads Active/TotalYear of 1st ExperimentCTBT Status
1.IndiaN.A./ 80–1001974Non-signatory
2.PakistanN.A./ 90–1101988Non-signatory
3.North KoreaN.A./ <102006Non-signatory
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