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List of Top 10 Natural Gas Producing Countries

The fossil fuel composed mainly of methane, various alkanes and relatively lesser amounts nitrogen, Carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide is one of the most used commodities in the world. The artificial energy source is utilized domestically in cooking and heating while having enormous utility in industries and commercial sector. The Plastic manufacturing involves a massive consumption of the natural gas. Compressed natural gas (CNG) is primarily used as a fuel source and gasoline (petrol) & diesel alternative especially in the developing world. CNG is comparatively and reasonably cheaper than the conventional petrol & diesel.

The gas is primarily extracted from the two main sources i.e. underground hydrocarbon reservoirs found in the coal beds and Petroleum (secondly). The natural fuel is formed over the millennial periods by the “methanogenic” and “thermogenic” phenomenon. The methanogenic production involves the swamps, marshes and other coal sediments while the thermogenic mechanism results because of the stacking of organic deposits and residue at highest earth temperatures and pressures.

The natural resource is a source to a number of byproducts after processing and in lieu of purification which confirms sulfur, hydrogen sulfide, ethane, nitrogen, pentanes, carbon dioxide and helium.

Do you know that Chinese were first to discover, extract and then use the natural gas in around 500 BC. However, the first industrial extraction took place at Fredonia Village of Chautauqua County (New York) in 1825.The gas is consistently produced and consumed from the very since it was industrially taken out of the gas wells but the global gas reserves are enough to be consumed for the next 250 years. The reserves and production certainly are two different statistics.

Below is the description of top ten natural gas producers of the World.

10- Netherlands


Groningen gas field is the prime source of revenue for the country and has added so far € 159 billion to the nation’s economy. The 10th largest field in the world is the largest in the whole European continent. The country has the biggest chain of the gas wells in the Europe ever since it got discovered in 1959. As a result of the unearthing the resource, 50% of the European reserves are in possession of the country.

9. Algeria


Algeria having seventeenth largest proven reserves of oil has ownership to the ninth largest oil reserves in the world. The country is the member of OPEC and founding member of the Arab Maghreb Union. The Algerian economy heavily relies on its natural gas and petroleum reserves. The gas exports are sixth largest in the world. The proven natural gas reserves are not less than 160 trillion Cubic feet. According to CIA Fact book the Oil reserves are accumulated to be 16th largest as of 2013 rankings. Most of the reserves are owned by Sonatrach, the national oil company.

8. Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia

The petroleum based economy is the world’s no.1 exporter of petroleum. Oil is estimated to earn the 90% of the total exports and brings 75% of the total revenue added to economy of the country. The proven gas reserves are also no less than to be ranked 5th in the world. The production has reached 3,637.45 billion cubic feet recently.

7. Norway

Norway Gas field

Norway is the largest oil producer in the whole European continent. The natural gas exports are 3rd biggest in the world only next to Qatar & Russia. The oil exports (net) are 12th in the world. The year 2012 recorded the 52% of total export revenue being generated from the Oil & gas sectors. United Kingdom gets the biggest share of gas exports by getting supplied with 29% of total gas exported. Germany gets 25% and France purchases 12%. The estimates of Energy Information Administration have estimated that Norway exported 96% of its natural gas (3.8 trillion cubic feet. Troll is the largest gas field having 27% of the total gas reserves of the Norwegian natural gas resource. Ormen Lange, Kvitebjorn & Asgard are the other comprehensive producers. Combined with troll these three fields accounted for the 60% of the country’s total production.

The proven natural gas reserves according to the estimates of OGJ are 74 Tcf as of 2014 stats. The production recorded in 2013 was nearly 4 trillion cubic feet.

6. China

China Gas field

China hold 155 trillion cubic feet natural gas reserves as of January, 2014 estimates by OGJ which shows an increase 14 Tcf as compared to the previous year. In the last ten years the country has more than tripled the gas production because of the increasing consumption. The government is planning to increase the production by to 5.5 Tcf by the year 2020. The recent growth of natural gas has reached to 4,135.39 billion cubic feet. The china is the ranked fourth in the natural gas consumption.

5. Qatar

Qatar gas Facility

You will be surprised to know that the Qatar is the largest Liquefied natural gas (LNG) exporter in the world. Like other gulf nations energy sector enormously contributes to generate revenues and adds handsome amounts to the nation’s economy. The Hydrocarbons earn country more than 60% of the total government revenues. The natural gas sector accounts for nearly 58% of the nation’s GDP. The country is ranked third with 885.29 trillion cubic feet proven reserves. The recent figures show a production of 5,523.25 billion cubic feet.

4. Canada

Canada Gas facility

The Canada is the third largest producer of dry natural gas and fourth largest of exporter of the natural fuel. Almost all the gas exports of the Canada are supplied to US through a pipeline. Besides natural gas Canada is the World’s fifth largest energy producer. The hydroelectricity is another rich source for the energy production. The dry natural gas production has risen to 5,128.83 billion cubic feet. It is quite amazing that having the ranked 18 with 66.72 trillion cubic feet is 5th largest producer.

3. Iran

South Pars Gas field Iran

The second largest proven natural gas reserves of the country of 1,193 trillion cubic feet make 17% of the world’s proved natural gas deposits which is more than 1/3rd of the total reserves hold by OPEC. The exploration rates are also the highest in the world. The South Pars gas fields account for 40% of the Iran’s total reserves. The recent production statistics shown by EIA are 5,649.14 Bcf. Consumption is also the third highest in the world.

2. Russia

natural gas field Yuzhno Russkoye

The natural gas reserves are the largest in the world with 1,688 trillion cubic feet; a quarter of the world’s total as estimated by Oil & Gas Journal. About 40% of the deposits are under the Serbian lands. The gas production is 21,358.51 Bcp, surely the second largest in the world. Consumption is also has the rank of 2.

1. United States

North Dakota America

The United States is the world’s largest natural gas producer with 681,400,000,000 cubic meters. The dry production was 24.1 trillion cubic feet in year 2012. The gross natural gas production was recorded for 29,542 billion cubic feet in 2012.

Do you know that from United States to Slovenia there are total 94 (nations) natural gas producers in the World.

Here is a tabulation of 10 largest natural gas producers.

RankCountryProduction (M3)
1.United States681,400,000,000
8.Saudi Arabia103,200,000,000

Q : Which Country is the largest producer of natural gas in the world ?

Ans : In accordance to a recent survey , United States is reported to be the biggest producer of natural Gas around the globe.
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