Top 10 Most Visited Museums in the World

Titanic Largest Museum in the world


There are thousands of museums all over the world which are the major source of amusement for foreign tourists. Almost 1 million people are welcomed by the different museums each day. In accordance to the 2012 theme index which was produced by the  Themed entertainment association and AECOM, It nominated the 20 most visited museums of the world in 2012. in this article we will discuss the top ten museums on the basis of per year visits. Most of people think U.S people have less interest for antiques  but You will be surprised to know four of the top ten list  are American based. Paris topped with Louvre  having $15 entrance fee.

 List of Top 10 Most Visited Museums in the World

Museums reflect the history, culture, traditions and society of respective country.  whether the civilization is old or new galleries provide a bird eye view on whole scenario of a nation. Below is a list of top ten most visited museums and galleries or you can say Most famous Museums in the world. all of them are fantastic just drink few glasses of water, be relaxed and plan a trip, decide where you want to go for travel and its our suggestion you must select some of them from the ranking list of top 10 most visited museums in the world given below, fortunately most of them are free.

Rank Museum Location Visitors
Admission Fee
1. Louvre Paris 9,720,000 Paid ($15)
2. National Museum of Natural History Washington, D.C. 7,600,000 Free
3. National Air and Space Museum - 6,800,000 -
4. The Metropolitan Museum of Art New York City 6,116,000 -
5. British Museum London  5,576,000 -
6. Tate Modern - 5,319,000 -
7. National Gallery - 5,164,000 -
8. Vatican Museums Vatican 5,065,000 Paid ($21)
9. American Museum of Natural History New York City 5,000,000 Paid ($19)
10. Natural History Museum London 4,936,000 Free


Q : Which is the most visited museum in the world with respect to visitors?

Ans : At present Louvre is the largest museum in the world by its visitors. It is located in Paris and in according the calculation of 2012, its visitors were 9,720,000 . Admission or entrance fee is $15.

Although There are considerable number of museums having heaps attraction for visitors yet there are also plentiful sources of entertainment and attraction. Foreign tourism is also the best way of entertainment and top ten countries which are  famous for tourism can be perceived by clicking here

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