Top 10 Lemon Producing Countries in the World

top 10 lemon producing countries in the world


Lemon is a yellow colored fruit which is evergreen small tree native to Asia continent.It can be used for dietary as well as for non-dietary purposes throughout the world. Its juice is about 5 to 6% citric acid for which taste of lemon is sour. An average lemon contains about 45-50 ML juice in it. Lemon contains several Varieties. and can be used in the following ways:

  • Its juice is used in foods and drinks.
  • The leaves of lemon tree are used in the preparation of a tea.
  • Its juice can be used as a cleaning agent.
  • Its oil can be used in aromatherapy.

In 2010 a list of top ten nations by their lemon production was prepared by the Food And Agricultural Organization of United Nations which is as follows:

List of Lemon Production By country in the World

Rank Country Production (Tonnes)
1.   India  2,629,200
2.   Mexico  1,891,400
3.   Argentina 1,113,380
4.   People’s Republic of China  1,058,105
5.   Brazil  1,020,350
6.   United States  800,137
7.   Turkey  787,063
8.   Iran  706,800
9.    Spain  578,200
10.   Italy  522,377


Q: Which country produces most Lemons in the World?

In 2010, India topped the all other nations in lemon production, It produced 16% of the World’s total output and become the leading country which is producing the highest yield.

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  • John Smith

    Argentina is the best though.

    Argentina has the LOWEST population of people out of all these countries, yet it is THIRD in lemon production.