Top 10 Largest Producers of Bananas

bananas in india
Banana is one of famous tasty fruit in all over the world having a great importance in other fruits due to its benefits for health.There are several nations which are producing it on a huge amount. According to an estimate made in 2011, a list of top ten banana producing countries was prepared which is as follows:

List of Top 10 Countries by Banana production in the World

Rank Country Production (Million of Tonnes)
1. India 29.7
2. Uganda 11.1
3. China 10.7
4. Philippines 9.2
5. Ecuador 8.0
6. Brazil 7.3
7. Indonesia 6.1
8. Colombia 5.1
9. Cameroon 4.8
10. Tanzania 3.9

which country produces the most bananas in the world annually ?


India is the largest agronomist of this fruit which produces 29.7 millions of tonnes and this is a record output in all over the nations.

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    Thank god india beats china in banana production