Top 10 Largest Oil Producing Countries in the World

Top ten oil producing countries in the world


Oil is a the most precious usable and important source of energy in the world. Oil production means the sum of crude oil barrels extracted on daily basis through the drilling process. Most nations have Considerably effected by the innovations and developments in the oil market. Its need and consumption is  increasing day by day.its demand is increasing at highest rate in all over the world. In different nations it is produced through a process which may differ and sometimes same. different constituents are extracted from crude oil , such as petroleum, gasoline etc


In accordance to an estimate held by IEA in 2011 , 63% of the world’s total oil output is obtained by the top ten largest producers which are given below:

Rank Country Production
Share of World’s output
1. Russia Flag  Russia 10,730,000 12.65%
2. saudi arabia  Saudi Arabia 9,570,000 11.28%
3. UNITED STATES FLAG  United States 9,023,000 10.74%
4. Iran  Iran 4,231,000 4.77%
5. China flag  China 4,073,000 4.56%
6. Canada flag  Canada 3,592,000 3.90%
7. iraq  Iraq 3,400,000 3.75%
8. uae  United Arab Emirates 3,087,000 3.32%
9. mexico  Mexico 2,934,000 3.56%
10. kuwait  Kuwait 2,682,000 2.96%


Q: Which Country Produces the Most Oil in the World?

At present Russia is the country which is the largest oil producing nation in the world. In 2011 its production was 12.65% of the world’s total output.

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