Top 10 Largest Oil Producing Countries in Africa

So today we are going to discuss the largest oil producing nations in African continent .In this modern era, oil has become the strongest tool for trading around the planet. Currently, the nations that are recognized as the most powerful nations in the world always manage their natural resources in a better way. They keep the good hold on the sources that are essential for everyday life. Petroleum products have got much popularity throughout the globe because its consumption area is  wide starting from the automobiles, generators to the industries and factories. Within few years, the petroleum industry in African countries has been racked by numerous factors for which it has to see many hurdles during oil production. However, some African nations such as Uganda and Kenya are doing a deep exploration to find the further fuel reserves and due to these efforts Africa is likely to produce more petroleum products within the coming few years. When it comes to the fuel production, just behind the Middle East, Africa is the second largest fuel producing nation in the world.

Being the second largest continent, Africa on the whole, is considered the home to various nations that are widely famous as the fastest growing economies on the planet.  Kenya, Mozambique, Ghana, Tanzania and Uganda are the countries having lots of natural resources in their hold and oil is one of them. As an outcome, the major oil producing African countries will turn them into the fastest growing economies. In accordance to a recent report, 16 out of 54 African nations are reported to be the strongest fuel exporting nations. The ranking list of these nations is as follows:

Top Ten Highest Oil Exporting Countries in Africa
Rank Country Capital
1. Nigeria Abuja
2. Libya Tripoli
3. Angola Luanda
4. Algeria Algiers
5. South Sudan Juba
6. Sudan Khartoum
7. The Republic of Congo Brazzaville
8. Equatorial Guinea Malabo
9. Chad N’Djamena
10. Gabon Libreville
11. Tunisia Tunis
12. Egypt Cairo
13. Cameroon Yaoundé
14. Ivory Coast Yamoussoukro
15 Mauritania Nouakchott


Q : Do you know which Country produces the most Oil in Africa continent?

nigerian oil industry

Ans : Although Libya claims to have the largest oil reserves in the continent yet the report, has highlighted Nigeria as the biggest oil producing country in Africa with more than 2.2 million barrels daily production. And this output is making it the one of the largest oil exporters on in the world. However, its oil producing industry has to agonize over numerous hurdles causing a major loss for its oil industry. Due to the oil spill, The Royal Dutch Shell is one of the largest oil producing companies in the world that is currently bearing one hundred million dollars as a punishment by the government of Nigeria. The highest quality of oil is being produced in the countryside that is most popular among European and U.S refiners. Below is the Complete list of major oil producers in Africa.

Top Ten Largest Oil Producing Countries in Africa
Rank Country Capital Total Output
1. Nigeria Abuja 25,24,000
2. Algeria Algiers 21,00,000
3. Angola Luanda 19,00,000
4. Libya Tripoli 17,00,000
5. Egypt Cairo 6,80,000
6. Sudan Khartoum 4,87,000
7. Equatorial Guinea Malabo 346,000
8. The Republic of Congo Brazzaville 2,74,400
9. Gabon Libreville 2,41,700
10. South Africa Pretoria (executive)
Bloemfontein (judicial)
Cape Town (legislative)


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