Top 10 Failed States in the World

top 10 failed countries in the world

There are so many nations having the poorest, worst and shameful living standards in the world. So these nations are never entertained the good rank and position as compared to developed and advanced countries. There are so many factors on which a country  or a state is based i.e education, economy, military force, medical sector, health facilities, food, weather and some other factors. if these all are present in a country  at good percentage level than countries are considered sustainable and in the absence of above mentioned facilities then a nation is known to be failed state . Further more  below are some factors which indicate the failure of a country.

Main Failure Indicators of a Nation

  • Social factors are the key factors for the failure of a nation
  • Criminalization of a state
  • Lower Literacy rate
  • Terrorism
  • Ineligible political leaders
  • Lowest economy growth
  • agriculture
  • currency downfall
  • war
  • corruption involved in officials and individuals


According to failed states index 2013 below is a list of top ten countries. download in excel

List of Top 10 Failed States / Countries in the World


Rank Country Failed State Index
Score 2013
1. Somalia 113.9
2. Democratic Republic Of Congo 111.9
3. Sudan 111.0
4. South Sudan 110.6
5. Chad 109.0
6. Yemen 107.0
7. Afghanistan 106.7
8. Haiti 105.8
9. Central African Republic 105.3
10. Zimbabwe 105.2


Q : Which is the most failed country in the world ?

Ans: At present Somalia is the most Failed country in the world.

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