Top 10 Exporters of Rice (Countries)

Since the major share of the maize crops are being cultivated with many other reasons after the human consumption, it is totally concerned with the human caloric intake and the nutrition so it has great importance around the world. In accordance to a report in 2010, Due to its importance it is considered the second most produced grain in the world. It is provides about one fifth of the calories that are being used by all the human beings living in different parts of the world. There are numerous varieties of rice and according to a recent report; there are more than 40,000 different types of rice from which a minor number is offering to grow commercially. Short grain, long grain, brown, black, white, basmati, red and jasmine are its popular varieties. It is the major food of different countries like China, India, Bangladesh and Pakistan etc. It has number of health benefits because it contains numerous vitamins and essential minerals. It is one of the great sources of Protein, Vitamin B and Fiber.

It is considered the best crop for cultivating in the areas having the low labor power and the highest quantity of rainwater as the peak rainfall is much essential for the maximum output. Though it can be cultivated everywhere in the world but most it is grown in the rural areas by the small farmers having the land mostly not more than 1 hectare. Its annual production has increased by two hundred million tone of paddy rice in 1960. China is the world’s largest rice producing nation. Following is a list of top ten major rice producers in the world.

List of Top 10 Rice Producers in the World
Rank Country Production
(Million Metric Tones)
1. china flagChina 204.3
2. india flagIndia 152.6
3. indonesia flagIndonesia 69.0
4. VietnamVietnam 43.7
5. ThailandThailand 37.8
6. bangladesh flagBangladesh 33.9
7. burmaBurma 33.0
8. philippines flagPhilippines 18.0
9. brazil flagBrazil 11.5
10. japanJapan 10.7


Rice is a very famous and favorite food in all over the world which have different kinds and qualities. Its cultivation does not require much labor but high rainfall and water is much necessary for its growth. This crop can be grown everywhere even on a mountain or on a steep hill etc. This is a corp cultivated in all over the countries either on a large-scale or a nominal part. At present China is the largest producer and exporter of Rice in all over the world. China has the 33.9% share in the rice productivity of the world’s share.

China claimed to be World’s Largest Rice Producing Nations


china production

After China, India is world’s second largest producer with more than 152.6 million metric tonnes annual production which contributes to near about 21.6% of world’s entire production. so These two countries are considered the hug of this widely consumed staple food. India and China both are considered world’s largest agricultural countries so these two nations have much importance around the world.

rice production

As its annual consumption rates are rapidly increasing, so its exports are also rising around the world. if you are looking for the world’s major exporters the following list would be batter to read.

List of Top 10 Rice Exporters in the World
Rank Country

(Thousand Metric Tonnes)

1. Thailand Thailand 8500
2. Vietnam Vietnam 6500
3. Pakistan Pakistan 3800
4. india flag India 2200
5. Cambodia Cambodia 850
6. Uruguay Uruguay 700
7. china flag China 600
8. egypt Egypt 600
9. Argentina flag Argentina 500
10. brazil flag Brazil 400


Q:Which country Exports the Most rice in the world?


Thailand is the world’s leading Rice Exporter. Which is the world’s 51st Largest country by its Area. Its capital is Bangkok.also playing a great role in the production of this vital corp. It has decided to allocate more part of its land for more production which will increase the amount of it’s per year production.

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