Top 10 Diamond Producing Countries

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The Diamond had been used for centuries to show love and worship to the intended wearer. It is considered as the symbol of endless love, royalty, purity and invincibility.No doubt diamond is one of the world’s most precious stones and a sign of luck for countries extracting it. In our society a person owning  large quantity of jewelry of this precious stone is considered rich one, as we have seen the wealthiest people and famed celebrities parade their jewelry while going to their social gatherings events. This is the stone whose every piece has a persuasive story behind it. After going through the process of designing and polishing it becomes more expensive and precious.

Diamond History and some Facts:-

considered one of the hardest metal in mineralogy; did you know it is product of carbon? but those born in the month of April are fortunate enough to have the diamond as their birthstone. So this is considered one of the luckiest stones for that people. India is included in the first countries to mine this precious stone, after they were discovered during the fourth century BC Although India is still regarded as a biggest source of diamond around the world, as its fields had been depleted for years, yet still active mine Panna of diamond. South Africa became a leader in the production of gem-quality diamonds in the nineteenth century, and since 1980, Australian region can be said to be the leader of diamond mining. Diamonds are mined in Africa, Australia, Asia, North America and South America. Only in Europe and Antarctica are the regions where diamonds are not extracted at remarkable quantity. In those five continents, countries with the highest production also includes Botswana, Russia, Zaire and South Africa. Australia is currently the leader in extracting as many diamonds with best quality shine and grace. In 1990, Canada became the third largest producer of diamonds in the world.when compared to other minerals and metals, diamond is hundreds of times more precious and costly.

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Top 10 Diamond Producing Countries List

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As jewels production seems to be falling in tandem with the economy, diamonds continue to be a smart investment because historically they have held their value better than other commodities here are the top ten countries with most of diamond extraction and production industries.

Rank Country Production
(Million Carts)
1. Russia Flag  RUSSIA 15
2. Congo  CONGO 14
3. Australia  AUSTRALIA 11
4. Botswana  BOTSWANA 7
5. South africa  SOUTH AFRICA 5
6. china flag  CHINA 4
8. Russia Flag  Russia 2
9. Ghana-Flag   Ghanna 1
10. botswana_flag_32  Bostwana Less than 1


Q:Which country produces the most diamonds in the world?

Ans : Currently, Russia is the leading nations in extracting and Producing the highest quantity of  diamonds/jewels Followed by Congo and Australia.

Australians have the largest and more popular diamonds industry than all other nations around the world. The Australian Argyle Diamonds are renowned due to their uniqueness and brilliance more over their stunning array of colors also make them more popular type all over the world. When you are going to purchase a diamond stone, it is more compulsory to choose the best design or shape before you buy it. It is available in different colors and shape in white, pink, and yellow, blue, black. The Argyle Diamonds thrill in the different types of shades such as exotic pink, rich cognac, sparkling champagne and dazzling white. From the unusual pink diamond to the shining white models it is made in all the types and colors.

Different Shapes of Diamond

different shapes


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    These figures are inaccurate as in 2013 Zimbabwe is estimated to have produced over 17 million carats…

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