Top 10 Countries with Most Universities in the World

top universities in world


A university is an institution providing the higher education as well as  grants degrees in numerous subjects after completing the educational session. students enter universities after completing their intermediate school, Undergraduate and post graduate education is provided in the universities. The advanced  era has not left anyone unaware of the word “University”. Because it is becoming the most important need of the modern generation. At present number of universities is increasing in developing and developed countries day by day. below is the list of top ten countries having the most  universities in the world and elaborating the importance of university level education.


List of Top 10 Countries With Most Universities in the World

RankCountryNumber of Universities
2.United States5758


Due to the advancement in science and technology university education has become more popularized. Either it may be a developed nation or a developing nation,  no one can deny the importance of education on basic level or high level.we can also examine the ranking of top Texas universities

Although India is the leading nation, yet it has the largest number of  (8407) government and private universities.

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