Top 10 Countries With Most Nobel Prize Winners In the World



Nobel prize is awarded annually by Norwegian Nobel Committee each year for outstanding contributions in Chemistry, Physics, Physiology or Medicine, Peace, Literature and Physics. It is not a common or general award but a special one globally. It is only given to most outstanding people even if a person dies before receiving it, this award may still be presented to that person and can be awarded to his family on his behalf. The peace prize is awarded by Oslo,  Norway while some other prizes are presented in Stockholm, Sweden. Following is a list of top ten countries receiving most noble prize awards in the history of world.

Top 10 Nations with Most Noble Prizes Winners

Rank Country No. of Laureates
1. United States 270
2. United Kingdom 101
3. Germany 76
4. France 49
5. Sweden 30
6. Switzerland 22
7. Netherlands 15
8. USSR 14
9. Italy 14
10. Denmark 13


United States is the leading nation which has most Laureates as compared to the other countries. It has 270 Laureates so USA is on the top of the list. UK is on second number by no. of Laureates.


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