Top 10 Countries with Highest Life Expectancy Rate in the World

Expectancy mean an average time period in which a person expect to live or in other words we can say it is a expected time duration in which a person live. In different countries expectancy rate calculated is different. In 2011 CIA World Factbook prepared a ranking list of different countries which is as follows:

Rank Country Male Life Expectancy at Birth Female Life Expectancy at Birth Overall Life Expectancy at Birth


85.77 93.69 89.73
2 Macau(China) 81.45 87.52 84.41
3. San Marino 80.5 85.74 83.01
4. Andorra 80.35 84.64 82.43
5. Japan 78.96 85.72 82.25
6. Guernsey 79.5 84.95 82.16
7. Singapore 79.53 84.96 82.14
8. Hong Kong(China) 79.32 84.97 82.04
9. Australia 79.4 84.35 81.81
10. Italy 79.16 84.53 81.77


Monaco is the country which has highest expectancy rate in all over the world which is is covering the area of 2.02 square kilometers. its population in 2011 was estimated as 36,371 persons.

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