Top 10 Countries with Highest Diabetes Rates in the World

Top 10 Coutries with highest Diabetes rates in the world


Diabetes is one of the most widespread non-communicable disease. as it is the precarious ailment of the world, according to a research it is concluded as the fifth most important reason of individual death and a solemn disease for human life. from last decade different nations of the world have seen Highest Diabetes Rates statistics by country. A research in 2011 showed 366 million people were pretentious by this disease. At present it is the most horrible situation since sugar rate is greater than ever in the poles apart countries, which is a serious issue. there are lot of factors and causes for Diabetes, this issue mostly depends on the lifestyle that lead someone’s body with Insufficient production of insulin.  So it is accomplished that it is the major challenge of 21st century as this diseases is big risk for anyone’s life, as people continue to consume same food. In diverse nations numerous precautionary measures have been taken to control its rapid increasing rate and for its treatment medical experts are trying at their best to reduce growing ratio and so that it can be U.S diabetes association is providing best help for the suffering we can see whole human body is impacted  Its symptoms are shown in the below given chart.


Main sysptoms of Diabetes


List of Top 10 Countries With Highest Diabetes Rate in the World

According to WHO statistics of effective diabetes rate, following is list of top ten nations having the highest percentage of people suffering from diabetes.

Rank Country No. Of
Diabetes Effected Persons
1. China 90.0
2. India 61.3
3. United States 23.7
4. Russian Federation 12.6
5. Brazil 12.4
6. Japan 10.7
7. Mexico 10.3
8. Bangladesh 8.4
9. Egypt 7.3
10. Indonesia 7.3

Q: Which country has the highest diabetes rate in the world ?

Ans : China is the leading nation with highest sugar rate in the world.

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