Top 10 Countries With Highest Crime Rate in the World


Crime can be defined as the breakage of rules and regulations imposed by any government  in a country for which the existing government can punish the criminals. It is not only into some specific countries but it is at every place, in every nation either on a minor number or at high rate. in 2014 USA tops the list with number of crimes each year then it comes U.K. Please note that this statistics list is prepared according to highest rate of crime.(not with respect to population of each country)

List of Top 10 Countries with Highest Crime Rates 2014


Rank Country No. of Crimes
1. United States 11,877,218
2. United Kingdom 6,523,706
3. Germany 6,507,394
4. France 3,771,850
5. Russia 2,952,370
6. Japan 2,853,739
7. South Africa 2,683,849
8. Canada 2,516,918
9. Italy 2,231,550
10. India 1,764,630


Crime may be in different type either in shape of civil crime or social crime etc. But both have bad results at last and the conclusion is the punishment. it may be stopped by the law so that it may not harm people and its rate can be decreased. There are several reasons for increased crimes in all over the world. At present USA has the highest rate as compared to all other nations.

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