Top 10 Countries Most Affected by Climate Change

Top 10 countries most effected by climate changing in the world


A noteworthy change in the weather circumstances over the periods ranging from decades to millions of years is recognized as climate change. It may caused by the factors which consist of oceanic processes similar to oceanic circulation biotic process variation in the solar radiations by the earth movement. There are a lot of other factors which are accountable for the global warming. Around the world numerous scientists are functioning just to understand past and future climate by means of the climatic clarifications and theoretical models. Several nations have hot weather conditions while on the other hand some nations are famous for severe cold weather.

Climate Risk index is a figure that shows the extent to which countries are affected by changes in climate. Following is a list of top 10 countries which are affected most by the climate change in the world.

Rank Country Climate Risk Index
1. Bangladesh 8.00
2. Burma 8.25
3. Honduras 12.00
4. Vietnam 18.83
5. Nicaragua 21.00
6. Haiti 22.83
7. India 25.83
8. Dominican Republic 27.58
9. Philippines 27.67
10. China 28.58


Q : Did you know Which Country is most Affected By the changing in weather?

Ans : Almost all the countries are affected by the change in weather conditions but Bangladesh is the country which is most affected by the change in weather conditions.

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