Top 10 Countries By Largest Forest Area


Forests are much important due to their natural benefits as these are natural sources and oxygen producers for all the nations. Estimated 25% area of any country should be covered with trees and forest, for many reasons like production of wood, elimination of pollution, green natural environment, healthy air and many other. Wild life also need to survive, due to cutting of tress many races of  Animals are almost came to an end.

In different nations forest has different land size so here is a list in which top 10 countries are described by their land covered by it.

List of Top 10 Countries With Largest Forest Area In the World

Rank Country Forested Area Square Km Percentage of Land Covered
1. Russia 7,762,602 45.40%
2. Brazil 4,776,980 56.10%
3. Canada 3,101,340 31.06%
4. United States 3,030,890 30.84%
5. China 1,821,000 18.21%
6. Australia 1,470,832 19.00%
7. Democratic Republic of Congo 1,219,326 52.00%
8. Argentina 945,336 34.00%
9. Indonesia 884,950 46.46%
10. India 778,424 23.68%


From all the nations Russian Federation has the largest area covered by forest and in accordance to an authentic estimate 7,762,602 square kilometer area is covered by forest which is 45.40% of Russia’s total area.

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