Top 10 Corrupt Countries in the World

  • inspector clauseau

    if there is no corruption no country will function difference is more advanced country is more sophisticated corruption is JUST FORCE SWISS BANKS TO BE TRANSPARENT then you see 10 most corrupt countries to surprise everybody all countries mentioned above as most corrupt is because they are primitive there for corruption is more open personaly I would call them 10 most honest countries as they don’t hide their corruption.but countries who lie to motorists that speed and red light cameras are to save lives REFUSE TO IMPLEMENT DRIVERLESS CAR TECHONOLOGY as there will be no more road fatalities are most my view we are still in Spanish inquisition mode. bankers have brought down church rule, thanks to technology which is slowly bitting behinds of politicians why are paid big $$$ to lie to us daily.

  • jamshed_kharian_pak

    oh no where is my pakistan!

    • Zulqur Trader

      Lanat tere te! Our pakistan is not corrupt ok? Behanchodo apne pakistan ki beizti karwate ho
      Salo logon ki ghand dho dho k peete ho apna pakistan hai piyar karo iss se

  • OMA

    Indian corruptions cannot easily be detected

  • Poor man

    I am saddened, I did not see india and Pakistan,

    • Zulqur Trader

      Fuck you wich pakistan our pakistan is not corrupt

  • Rana Shehroz


  • Hunk

    pakistan kaha ha bhai log sala sabsa bada chor
    to pakistan hi ha