Top 10 Cheapest U.S Cities to Live in


Today, United States of America is widely recognized as one of the powerful and fastest growing economies around the globe. Due to its amazing lifestyle and highest quality of life, millions of people want to be a part of this highly developed nation. Due to all these great facilities, everyone can’t afford to live there due to the heavy cost of living. But if you are looking for the cheapest cities to live in United States, our recently prepared list can help you to find your required place.

For every person it’s not possible to beat the minimum cost of living in Dixie. In our recent report we collected a list of cheapest cities in the United States and the majority of these cities is located in the Southwest and South. From the list given below, four are located in the Texas where you can find very reasonable housing costs and minimal grocery bills are making these locations the cheapest cities to live in. The Council for the Community and Economic, made some calculations about different expenses relating to the living expenditure in various metropolitan areas. These calculations also help to measure the expenses showing the relative price levels for the diverse factors involved in our lives such as Utilities, Grocery items, medical, educational facilities, transportation Housing and many other services. It also helped in weeding out the cities having less than 50,000 inhabitants.

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The Cost of living index has different scores starting from 100, the score of 100 elaborates the national average, little Rock, Ark, and the Cleveland scored 99.9 and 100.1 respectively. That made them average in the terms of living cost. While the facts and figures relating to the populace and the median family revenues are derived from the Census Bureau. After collecting the essential estimates, we prepared the list of top ten cheapest U.S cities to live in. the Average home prices are provided by the Council for the Economic and Community Research. The list is based on the cost of living, population, Median Household Income and the average home prices of most affordable places in America.

List of Top Ten Cheapest Cities to Live in United States
Rank City Cost of
Living Index
Population Median
home price
1. Harlingen, Texas 82.8 64,186 $34,748 $229,558
2. Memphis, Tenn. 83.7 654,876 $36,473 $180,375
3. McAllen, Texas 83.8 125,590 $39,547 $178,000
4. Fayetteville, Ark. 84.6 71,770 $37,113 $228,200
5. Temple, Texas 85.7 63,548 $47,240 $206,602
6. Conway, Ark. 86.2 56,255 $41,917 $230,199
7. Pueblo, Colo. 86.2 105,957 $34,323 $196,330
8. Wichita Falls, Texas 86.9 104,066 $40,670 $264,000
9. Springfield, Ill. 87.1 115,121 $47,209 $210,673
10. Winston-Salem, N.C. 87.5 229,617 $41,483 $199,118


Q : Which is the Cheapest City to live in United States of America?

Harlingen, Texas


Ans : For the last three years, Harlingen, Texas has ranked as the most affordable U.S. City. Its cost of living index 80.8 is making it the cheapest city to live in USA which fell 0.6 from the last year. The Economic Development corporation board has concluded it as the the cheapest city for the 11 successive quarters.

The Vice President of the Board, Dr. Gilbert Leal said that “Time after the time, being able to show off living cost of just about 20% underneath the national average is helpful in our economic growth efforts since a small cost of living is a signal of a low-cost for doing a business.”

As after reading this report now you are able to know that Harlingen, Texas is the cheapest U.S. City to live, now we are going to put a light on the prices of different commodities which are commonly used in our daily life.



List of Market Prices in Harlingen, Texas The Top Cheapest City to Live in America
Commodities Price
1. Half-gallon of milk $2.33
2. Monthly rent $640
3. Home price $218,554
4. Gallon of gas $3.293
5. Haircut $7.50
6. Movie ticket $9.17
7. Bottle of wine $6.27


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