Top 10 Apple Producing Countries in the World

Top 10 apples producing countries in the world


Apple is one of the most grown fruit in all over the world and is much popular delicious in taste and important for health. Apples are grown on small trees. Apples have a great history because apples have been cultivated for the thousands of the years in Europe as well as in Asia. Apple have more than 7500 known of favorite quote about this fruit is One Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

In accordance to a research , a list was created containing a ranking list of top ten largest apple producing nations in the world which is as follows:

Top Ten Countries By Apples Production in the World


Rank Country Production (Tonnes)
1. People’s Republic of China 3,32,65,186
2. United States 42,12,330
3. Turkey 26,00,000
4. Italy 22,04,970
5. India 21,63,400
6. Poland 18,58,970
7. France 17,11,230
8. Iran 16,62,430
9. Brazil 12,75,850
10. Chile 11,00,000


Q: Which is the largest producer of Apples in the world?

Apple fruit country of origin

In 2010, world wide yield of apples was more than 69 million tonnes out of which half was produced by China. So China is the largest producer of Apples in all over the world with highest output of apples per year. In 2009 Chine, United States, Poland, Italy,Chile and France were the largest apple exporters while Russia, Germany, United Kingdom and Netherlands were the biggest importers.


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  • Vijay Srinivas

    Despite India being the fifth largest producer of Apples in the World, why are Apples in India very expensive?

    • tfortea

      because we have higher demand than supply.. it is like usa production 1 apple every 8 persons where as india produces 1 apple every 46 persons.

  • Masha

    that is not how you write numbers. 45,11,000 ? what country do they write like that.