Top 10 Agricultural Export Countries World

top ten agricultural countries in the world


Food is too important and essential for making a life. For everyone  access to a sufficient food is the major concern nowadays, so Agriculture and agri-food has become one of the most significant industries all over the world. Although the agriculture is much important for the trade balance of a nation yet it is also very crucial for the security of the health of any country. Keeping this in mind, which are top agricultural export countries in the world, top exporters and importers a list is prepared for your general knowledge which will provide you information relating to top exporters agricultural countries in the world which export crops, wheat, cotton, sugarcane fruits and other goods to native countries and produce a lot of revenue.

Top 10 Countries by Agricultural Exports in the world


Rank Country Exports in Million Dollars
1. United States 42,826
2. France 24,262
3. Netherlands 19,780
4. Germany 13,842
5. United Kingdom 11,613
6. Canada 10,107
7. Australia 9,824
8. Italy 9,446
9. Belgium 9,013
10. Spain 6,621


China, India, Indonesia are also largest agriculture  countries but United States is the country which is not also famous for agricultural out, but also the largest agricultural exporter.


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