Which Country Produces Most Tomatoes?


Tomato is one of the most liked and widely consumed edible commodities. It is often found in red color when it ripe,sometimes green tomatoes are also noticed in different regions but as whole originated in the South American Andes and its usage as an edible commodity started in Mexico and afterwards it spread throughout the world.People living in different countries were gradually introduced with it. It has numerous varieties that are widely grown in the greenhouses and in the cooler climate environment. It is used in numerous ways. It is used as raw ingredients in, ketchup sauces, drinks, salads and main ingredient of many other dishes.tomato is considered as fruit and vegetable also.

According to daily usage Some people considered it a fruit while on the other hand people take it as a vegetable, so there is confusion in its exact category. It is rich in lycopene which is recognized as essential element for human health. Due to number of benefits and uses, it is produced all around the world. About 150 million tons are being produced in different countries of the world.  But which country is producing most Tomatoes in the world it is an interesting question. Following is a list showing the list of top ten nations that are reported to have the highest tomato production in the world.

  tomatoes production by country

 Top 10 Largest Tomato Producing Countries

Below is statistics list of top ten tomato producing countries in the world, according to a survey conducted by world leading statistics organization faostat team.

Rank Country Production
1. China flag  China 50,000,000
2. india flag  India 17,500,000
3. UNITED STATES FLAG  United States 13,206,950
4. Turkey  Turkey 11,350,000
5. Egypt  Egypt 8,625,219
6. Iran  Iran 6,000,000
7. Italy  Italy 5,131,977
8. Spain  Spain 4,007,000
9. brazil flag  Brazil 3,873,985
10. mexico  Mexico 3,433,567


Q : Which Country Produces Most Tomatoes?

Ans : At Present China is the largest producer country of Tomatoes in the World with more than 50,000,000 annual Output also the top best tomato types are found here.

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