Top 10 Poorest Countries in the World 2015

In these regions in the world, mostly seven out of ten people live on less than two dollars a day. we are going to  prepare list of  The 10 Poorest Countries in the World 2015

At the end of 2011 more than half of the population of the 10 poorest nations in the world, does not have enough resources to have a decent standard of living, and in some regions, seven out of ten people live on less than two dollars day.

An objective way to measure, at least to compare the quality of life and development of the country’s Human Development Index (HDI), an indicator used by the United Nations Program for Development (UNDP), which is calculated taking into account three main aspects: longevity, knowledge and access to resources.


1. – Zambia

The population living in poverty is 86%. It is the poorest country in the world. Its economy depends on the copper, which is one of the world’s leading producers. In terms of industry, highlights the mineral processing industry, cement production and related industries of agriculture. but still very poor nation


Two. – Gaza Strip

The population living in poverty is 81%. Accordingly to the Gaza blockade suffered, increasing unemployment and poverty is evident, therefore economically dependent on humanitarian aid. The population lives on agriculture, manufacturing and construction.


Three. – Zimbabwe

The poor population is 80%. Their main problems are lack of currency, hyperinflation and shortages of supplies and items. In March 2008, inflation reached 100%, then the population chose to buy the most basic products in neighboring countries.


April. – Chad

The poor percentage is 80%. Despite its rich oil fields, the country enters the list of the world’s poorest. Oil revenues are used to purchase weapons. The High Commissioner for Refugees United Nations has warned that there could be a genocide occurred in Darfur.


May. – Moldova

poverty rate is 80%. The country emerged from the former republics that formed the Soviet Union. After independence, suffered from a decline in its economy. Agriculture is the main economic engine. It is considered the poorest country in terms of exploited groundwater resources.


June. – Haiti

here the  poverty is still  80%. It has the lowest per capita income in the world, for it is considered the poorest country of America.The island receives annually humanitarian cooperation of developed countries. They rely mainly on agriculture.


July. – Liberia

In Liberia the poverty ratio is  80%. The civil war largely destroyed the country’s economic infrastructure. Up until 1990, the economy was based on the export of iron and rubber. At the beginning of the century, the unemployment rate was 85% of the population.


August. – Guatemala

75% people live below poverty line. According to estimates from the United Nations Development Programme, about 850 thousand Guatemalans could fall into poverty, soon, and more than 700 thousand, reach extreme poverty.

9. – SurinameSuriname_photo2

poverty ratio is up to 70%. The economy of this country is based on aluminum production, which accounts for 15% of GDP.Its economic problems lie in the dependence on foreign trade of aluminum and oil, which have undergone changes in prices on the international market.


10. – Angola

Its economic mess is due in large part to the ongoing war in the country, despite the abundance of natural resources. It is estimated that 7 in 10 people survive on less than two dollars a day.people  living in poverty is 70%

Q:Which country is poorest in the world?

Zambia is poorest country in the world, the population living in poverty is 86%. It is the poorest country in the world. Its economy depends on the copper, which is one of the world’s leading producers. In terms of industry, highlights the mineral processing industry, cement production and related industries of agriculture.

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  • nyjj nojj

    and y north korea??

  • Gogu Viesparu

    Ok. But which is the source of this poverty? In this view, I believe that UN have to play a vry strong role in this the most dificult problem of all of the human history. It is a very large gape between the developed country and the poor contries. This last contries have not histori, have not tradition, have not culture. Finaly, we can saythat this coutries have not a base on that they can start the grwon in the economic area. They have no future and, if UN and other international institution mime further thei “contribution” to thr development of this country, notgink will be done.


    I am amazed that you can place such nonsense on the internet. Check the CIA Fact Book and it will tell you that Zambia has a GDP per capita of US$1,800, twice that of Malawi at US$900 and three times that of Somalia at US$600. And you can say Zambia a middle income country is the poorest in the world. You must be a bunch of pitiful retards.

  • Paul Zimba

    Total rubbish. Stop using kindergarten methods to analyse global economies and misleading people.

    Zambia’s annual GDP growth is above other sub Saharan countries, 60% not 86% of people are below the poverty line and it was reclassified from a low income country to middle income country in July 2011. It has continued to show positive economic growth and has an international credit rating of B.

  • boma

    bogus and stupid report! Zambia is by far not close to be branded a poorest country. why do you even report in matters were you’re ignorant of? I invite you to come to Zambia and check it for yourself asshole

  • Namukulo Mwauluka

    This article is very laughable and misleading. It refers to the Human Development Index (HDI) as an objective measure of a countries development but fails to acknowledge that Zambia is among the countries that has a medium of 0.561(source: Zambia is certainly not the worlds poorest country. The percentage of people living in poverty in Zambia is 60.5% and not 86%. Kindly correct this article as you are misleading the WORLD!

  • John Banda

    Mr Udoh obviously has an agenda.This report is not a UNDP report; it is a report made up by Which Country using criteria known only to themselves. The actual UNDP HDI report is totally different. See Type ‘Zambia’ in the box on the left of the graph which says ‘Type a Country’ and you will see on the graph on the right where Zambia lies. It is not at the bottom.