Top 10 Richest Countries in Africa

richest country in africa

There are number of countries that are known for luxury and said to be the richest nations in the world, many people consider Africa as poor continent, but Africa is enriched with extensive natural resources and best environment with world biggest forest with wild life.  while on the other hand Africa has some countries that are considered the poorest countries on the planet too. Similarly there are different continents including Asia and Europe having some poorest nations and at the same time they also have world richest countries. In this article we are going to list the richest Countries in Africa Continent. Although with respect to GDP this continent is the home of poorest countries around the globe, yet there are also some countries which are standing in the list of richest countries around. If you are looking for the Richest Country in Africa, below is the ranking list of top ten richest African countries GDP per capita.

List of Top 10 Richest Countries in Africa 2015

Rank Countries Income
Per Capita
1. Seychelles $25,439.92
2. Equatorial Guinea $19,818.11
3. Gabon $17,053.47
4. Botswana $16,578.59
5. South Africa $11,273.08
6. Libya $10,129.61
7. Tunisia $9,706.59
8. Namibia $7,694.44
9. Algeria $7,541.85
10. Egypt $6,594.00

The Richest Country in Africa

here we are going to discuss some facts about the present wealthiest nation in Africa continent 2014.



It is also known as the Republic of Seychelles which is the 155-island nation. Victoria is its capital and the largest city of the country. It is also in list  of one of the smallest nations in the world which is covering the total area of 459 sq km/ its population according to 2012 census was calculated as 90024. It is divided into 26 different administrative regions that comprise all of the inner islands. Eight of the above mentioned districts are making up the capital of Seychelles and are then referred to as the Greater Victoria. the business and economy is well developed throughout the nation due to its ever growing resources with large number of revenue from shipments and fishery.its cities contain luxurious malls,hotels and resorts which are rarely seen around the African cities.

Educational Position

Q : Which is the richest country in Africa and what is per capita income?

Ans : At present $25,439.92 per capita Income is making Seychelles the richest country in Africa Continent.

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