Which Country Produces Most Potatoes in the World?


Considered as Most favorite, Potato is one of the most popular and widely used vegetable in the world. Near about 400 years ago, Potato was introduced out of the Andes Region  and due to its fastest growing consumption around the globe, today it has become the essential part in numerous kinds of foods. And its highest quantity is supplied in the different edges across the globe and people are using it as one of the most used food ingredients. In accordance to a recent survey, it is considered the fourth biggest food crop following the Wheat, Rice and Maize respectively. have you ever tried fries which are not made up of potatoes? :) naa it’s not possible, of course most fast food lovers can’t live without potato chips mostly served as french fries or chips.

Due to its increasing consumption, it is cultivated and produced about all the countries of the world, but following is a list containing the top ten countries that are reported to produce the best and highest quantity of Potatoes than all other nations around the world.

Potato Production By Country

Rank Country

(Million metric tons)

1. China flag  China 88.4
2. india flag  India 42.3
3. Russia Flag  Russia 32.7
4. ukraine  Ukraine 24.2
5. UNITED STATES FLAG  United States 19.4
6. germany    Germany 11.8
7. bangladesh flag  Bangladesh 8.3
8. poland  Poland 8.2
9. france  France 8.0
10. belarus  Belarus 7.7


top ten potato producing countries

Q : Which Country is the Largest Producer of Potatoes Around the Globe?

Ans : At present China is the largest Producer of Potatoes with More than 88.4 Million Metric Tonnes Annual Production.

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