List of Declared U.S Republican Presidents in 2016

List of Declared U.S Republican Presidents in 2016 rankings

No doubt there is a clear air of quality encircling the race to be 2016 Republican presidential aspirant. Setting out the case that it’s been 12 years since the most recent Republican presidential candidate won a general election or the reality that the previous two candidates have been significantly beaten by the Democratic appointee, President Barack Obama, there are various attached reasons to win the 2016 presidential election.

If the GOP can hold their grip on the Senate and Council of Representatives, the party will be ready to outline the social, political and financial control of the USA for the coming 30 to 50 years. There are probably up to four Justices at Supreme Court to be elected by the subsequent president. With four current stable Justices presently working on the Supreme Court, the extension of additional four conventional life-appointments will witness a large authoritative adjustment of the national laws for the right-wing plan.

Furthermore, a triumvirate of a Republican president and a Republican-administrated Senate and House will allow the cancellation of the reasonable Care Act, the holy grail of the electorate because of its performance in the year of 2010. With before-mentioned attractive remuneration in place, ordinary intelligence delivers that the party will strive to be at its mightiest and most combined ever.

Notwithstanding the bleak prospect, Republicans can get support from the evidence that the party’s outstanding election means and encouraged electing situation have changed the form book upside downward and absolutely won the previous two midterm elections. Furthermore, during this process, presented the GOP with its biggest political preponderance since 1928. Hence, booming was their success in 2014; the Republican Party is more likely to hold the charge over the House of Representatives till 2020.

Simply, in other words, it would be a blunder to decrease adequately the likelihood of one of the Republican presidential nominees being declared as the party’s 19th and the country’s 45th president in the coming January!

Lowell Jackson “Jack” Fellure Claims to be the Eldest Nominated U.S Republican President in 2016.

Jack Fellure

He lives in the town of Hurricane; however, he was born in Midkiff, West Virginia. He doesn’t want to share his alma mater, though he was prepared as an engineer – a profession from which, now an elderly man, he is withdrawn.

Defeat is no stranger to presidential races and is zero if not elected as a persistent. He’s been winning the prize for almost three decades, competing in all presidential elections since 1988. In all of these events, he got a Republican bid, with the single limitation of his 2012 operations; there, he preliminary operated Republican, then decided to take a new way and explore the nod of the Banned Party. In this, he ultimately won, by defending Prohibition’s appointment. On the voting day, his name rose on the ballot in just one state – Louisiana – where he got 518 votes. For the 2016 competition, he is following with the GOP, becoming declared himself as a Republican nominee.
List of Declared U.S Republican Presidents in 2016

Complete List of Declared U.S Republican Presidents in 2016

Sr. No. Name of President
1. Skip Andrews
2. George Bailey
3. Michael Bickelmeyer
4. Kerry Bowers
5. Eric Cavanagh
6. Brooks Cullison
7. John Dummett, Jr.
8. Jack Fellure
9. Jim Hayden
10. Chris Hill
11. Valma Kittington
12. Andy Martin
13. Peter Messina
14. James C. Mitchell, Jr.
15. K. Ross Newland
16. Michael Petyo
17. Brian Russell
18. Jefferson Sherman
19. Donald Trump


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