List of All Asian Countries and Their Capitals

list of asian countries

Our Planet earth is divided into seven different continents. From these seven continents Asia is world’s largest and most populated continent if compared to the other continents of the world. It is located in the Northern and Eastern Hemispheres. A recent report has revealed that Asia comprises about 8.7% of Earth’s entire surface while it is covering 30% of world’s land area. Its total area in Kilometers is calculated as 44,579,000 km2. About 4.3 billion inhabitants are making it world’s most populous continent and if we calculate its overall population it is round about 60% of world’s humans are living here.

Basically there are no clear-cut rules relating to its geographical partition from the Europe. So there is a mid-point where these continents make a point known as Eurasia. If you are looking for the latest list of all Asian countries and their capitals the following table is showing the list of Asian nations, their capitals, flags and their area in kilometers square.last updated: May 2015