List of All Asian Countries and Their Capitals

list of asian countries

Asia is the largest continent in the world.  Its epic size has never been up for dispute and as a continent it also hosts the largest population. In fact, Asia has 4.4 billion people which make up for almost 63% of the population of the world. To be precise, most of that population is in the south Asian region of the continent, especially the sub-continental area. Out of the 4.4 billion, over 3 billion comes from that area which includes only four out of the total 48 countries; Bangladesh, China, India and Pakistan.
According to the United Nations, Asia has a total of 48 officially recognized and independent countries. There are however several territories and administrative regions in the continent that are either mostly sovereign or have autonomous rules. Then there are also territories like Northern Cyprus, Christmas Islands, Cocos Islands and whatnot which are actually dependent on other countries but have separate administration. Some territories are also disputed. There is one territory called British Indian Ocean Territory where the United Kingdom is the parent country. That place has only 2,000 people which are mainly from the United States military. There are laws and legislation in place which allow USA to operate a military base there despite the territory belonging to UK.

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