List: Top 10 Most Racist Countries in the World

Racism ruins lives

Opposite to the accepted idea race is not just limited on geological dissimilarities. It was the 19th century when Africans had to face the pits. The 21st century has been embracing so far the enormous ethnic, historical, cultural, religious and societal differences all over the world. The racial intolerance has resulted in the countless civil conflicts and brought outcomes of terror, war and pathetic scenarios in the world we live. No one can be superior, inferior, lovable, hateful, acceptable or unacceptable on the basis of race.

The Swedish economists every year figure out over the globe and evaluate the country wise behaviors and attitudes regarding the race, gender & ethnicity, cultures and minorities. Here is the latest list of top ten most racist countries in the world – the nations which prefer racism more than human equality.

10. India

Racisim in India

The great secular Indian has all the way failed so far to impede and bring an end to the unremitting Hindu Muslim conflicts and the racial disputes and xenophobic behaviors in the Marathi region, Bihar, entire south and all over the India. There will be none in India but seen the Gujarat riots and the chaos and mayhem created in the Uttar Pradesh and Bihar states.

9. Pakistan


Neighboring Pakistan is not having much different in terms of racial tolerance and inter-cast harmonies. The ethnic makeup of the country has largely made by the two major Muslim sects i.e. the Sunnis and Shias. The sectarian violence is deep down encrusted all over the country.  Extreme fanaticism has costs the lives of thousands to the date.

8. Russia

Racism in Russia

In Russia the Non-Russians have to face the wrath of the extreme right-wing Russians. Africans, Chinese & Caucasians are the major ethnic victims. The migrants have to face the facts and consequences of the fanaticism and typecast. At the end of those discrimination and injustices conclude into the rebellion movements like that of Chechnya and Dagestan.

7. Israel

Racism in Israel

The World War II culminated the state of Israel. The sympathies towards the homeless Jews who recently had been prey to the Xenophobic Nazi agenda drove the Jews in a couple of years to teach Israeli Arabs and Palestinians a lesson they have been victims to a couple of decades back. The Palestinians, the real heirs of the state were now on the receiving end. The situation is generally similar in Israel and Particularly Worst in Palestine especially in the Strip of Gaza and the so called remaining Palestine.

6. Germany


The fanaticism cultivated by the Hitler has never died in the United Germany. For instance take the National Democratic Party in the country which is now & than indicted for inciting the Neo-Nazi narrative on their part & power. The groups like Free German Worker’s Party & National Activists are no doubt banned but are still propagating through underground networks.Black people are also treated with worst attitude.

5. Japan

Japanese Only

Japanese although brags for having an ethnically liberal & forbearing state but have never done enough to restrict the chauvinistic ideas and xenophobic attitudes prevailing in the society. The foreign nationals and refugees are facing some of the worst scenarios as they are ceased to certain activities and services being offered by the government. The U.N has published a detailed report a couple of years back highlighting the racist culture flourishing in the Japan. The American Japanese and Brazilian Japanese are the ones most affected with the low acceptance and constant pyramidal racism.

4. Rwanda

Rawandan Genocide

The genocide and Rwanda go hand in hand. The April, May & June or 100 days of the year 1994 have witnessed the massacre of 800,000 Rwandans. The conflict between the Tutsi and Hutu tribe still exists to the date and there is always a fear of the worst to happen as only the time has changed so far.

3. Australia

Racism in Australia

Australia is the third most racist country. As much as half of the Australians are born out of the country while a recent survey ended with a pretty alarming result showing a confession of 1/5 Australian to face a xenophobic scenario. The Indians have largely been a part of the reported incidents.

2. United Kingdom

United Kingdom

The racial stereotypes are not a new thing around the Britain. The racial riots are common in the communities of Indigenous whites.  Just in the year 2004, about 87,000 people from black profile confessed to have been faced a racially motivated scene in their routines while 92,000 whites have also been accepted to get a racial mark.

1. United States

Racism in United States

USA is ranked as the most racist country in the world as the ethnic discrimination has by far been dominated by some of the whites claiming themselves as the Native Americans. The African, Latin, Asian, Mexican, Spanish, European along with others have to face the racial outcomes while living in the so-called tolerant America ruled by an African-American.  The migrants & refugees have to face the inequity and bias in almost every aspect of life, may it be housing, education, lending or employment they have to keep themselves ready for the struggle.

  • Nerd_fra_NOR

    As a foreign visitor to several of the countries in the list, I do not agree with the selection. Why so many anglophone nations? Is it because most of the readers are and it provokes more clicks/links?

    Modern USA should not even be on the list, in my opinion, as it is the most racially diverse country I have ever been to and I encountered people from all races in all kinds of positions in society. If you need to include something from North America; francophone Quebec could be included (I lived in QC for a coupple of years and I never got integrated or acceptedv tabernak!

    And what about infamous places like South Africa, South Korea or China? North Korea and Saudi Arabia? Politically correct much?

    Disclaimer: I am a white male from Europe, and this is nothing but my humble opinion based on my personal experience and impressions. 1love.

  • Kerry Parsons

    This list is lacking credibility and is far from accurate. What about all the “black” countries who are extremely racist against white people? Or does this website not include white people as victims of racism?
    Zimbabwe allows state sanctioned violence against the white minority, often evicting people from their homes with deadly violence. As of writing this comment, the Zimbabwean president has given the remaining white population “70 days” to leave the country.
    South Africa forbids white people from attending universities or getting jobs, does not allow white-owned businesses to tender for government projects, and has implemented land seizures of white-owned property, much like Zimbabwe. I personally witnessed a black police officer assaulting a white woman in South Africa, calling her a “white b****” after she asked him for assistance after being mugged.
    Namibia has implemented the seizure of farmland from white people, whilst also sanctioning violence against the white population.
    The Zambian vice-president (a white person) has just been told to step down from his position by the Zambian cabinet for no other reason than “a white person should not be allowed in an African government”.
    I have lived and traveled all over the world, but I have never experienced such blatant racism as found in Africa, where white people are the victims of racism and the black population believes this is justified just because the ancestors of white people arrived in Africa over a hundred years ago. Is a white child to blame for the actions of his or her great-great-great-great-grandfather? And are the racist black people who attack, rape, and murder him or her justified even though they themselves have never been a victim of any of the aforementioned white ancestors? Oh sorry, I forgot, black people cannot possibly be racist. That title is reserved for white people who are incidentally the only people who have provided Africa with any form of technology, farming techniques, medications, foreign aid, etc. etc.
    This article is a farce, since it implies that African countries should not be listed as racist, when the reality is the complete opposite…

  • uwatm8

    Someone on YouTube quoted this as a valid source. I lol’d

  • Engineer Spodercage

    Well, would you look at that? The top 3 most racist countries are white. I don’t believe in racism. Racism is a crime and crimes are for white people D:< #yesracism

  • Kay

    I think the word “Racism” is not defined properly in practical terms. The white community ruined generations of non-white people in the past – Fact. Now when other races/cultures caught up with standards of civilization/progress they kindda have a latent feeling of revenge whether we accept it or not. All I can say is it is horrible to judge a person based on the color, and when it comes to European nations especially, it is expressed sporadically. On the other side Africa I think has mentality of revenge in a literal sense against whites ( a terms I heard ”apartheid in reverse” ), and other countries like India/China/Japan has its own internal societal layers discriminating against their own people on the basis of Cast, language, culture etc. In my opinion US is probably the least racist amongst all the countries in the world due to the fact that half of the people fought to end the slavery/discrimination and created environment of so called equal opportunities (at least Americans proudly boast about it vis-a-vis an un-mandated pressure to maintain it that way), while other countries do not even mention that as a primary agenda. In short the 3rd-4th generation from now probably will be 0 racists or 100% racists, depends on what we teach them now!

  • abigail

    they forgot Malta its one of the most racist countries in this world ….a small island with big hate to anyone who’s nt christian ad white

  • Sloth from The Goonies

    The countries at the top of the list are among the most ethnically diverse, so there’s obviously going to be more instances of races clashing with one another. But that doesn’t mean they are racist countries, how could they be racist when they all encourage immigration and give ethnic minorities abundant rights and protections? If anything they are the least racist countries. If anything, nations that strongly oppose immigration should be at the top of this list, Japan, much of Eastern Europe, Iran, etc.

  • Manny E. Irizarry

    Don’t forget about how racist quasi-Hispanics are against non-Hispanics in the USA. I speak Spanish, brasilian Porto, & queens English. They don’t know how to handle me so they play dumb and ignore my intelligence.


    Australia is the number one racist country

  • scottishotter1366

    Sorry, but this list is a pile of bull $hit. It’s nothing more than liberal propaganda