Largest Cities in the World by Population

World's Largest Cities By Population

from last decade, The world is now an urban place, like it or not. Since 2007 the population in cities exceeded the rural population, the population difference between the countryside and the city has not stopped growing. Six years later the world’s largest cities have continued to grow at a rapid pace, especially Asian and African mega cities, demographically, although not to the efficiency with which they faced their enormous size and that creates some problems of each and more difficult to solve.
On January 1, 2013 it is estimated that worldwide 502 agglomerations over millions inhabitants, 74 in excess of five , 29 above 10 , 12 in excess of 20 million and one city that exceeds the barrier of 30 million.
The top 10 of the largest mega cities in the world includes some changes that we are publishing in this blog is three years ago data reported. While occupying first place is Tokyo, with a turnover of approximately 34 million (virtually unchanged from 2010) and the second Chinese city of Guangzhou (Canton), in other places if we find changes.
Seoul, the Korean capital, yields the third Shanghai and Jakarta, the Indonesian capital, emerging with strong growth exceeding 25 million inhabitants. Mexico City and Delhi tied for sixth place, followed by Karachi, Manila and New York to complete the top ten, in which only one American city slip between the rests of Asia.

Top Ten Largest Cities in the World by Population

1.Tokyo (Japan)34,600,000
2.Guangzhou (China)26,300,000
3.March Jakarta (Indonesia)25.8 million
4.Shanghai (China)25.8 million
5.Seoul (Korea)25.6 million
6.City of Mexico23,500,000
7.Delhi (India)23,500,000
8.Karachi (Pakistan)22.1 million
9.Manila (Philippines)21,800,000
10.New York (United States)21,500,000

In the ranking of top ten world’s largest cities population, we will take a look at Europe nations , in the overall world ranking cities have to descend through the 16th to find the first city in Europe to (Moscow, with more than 16 million) and to 24th place to find the first of the European Union (London, with 13 million). The largest urban agglomeration in Spain is Madrid, with 5.4 million in the 68th, followed by Barcelona, who is ranked 91 with 4.2 million in the metropolitan area. The largest cities in South America are Sao Paulo with 21 million and Buenos Aires with 14 million.


Ans: Currently Tokyo Japan is the most populated city in the world with population of 34,600,000 people

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